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Cyclosporine Helping Skin Layers to grow Back, Gaining Healthy Weight – Medical 1.5.09 pt. 1

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Hey everyone! happy new year! this is jeffrey lin here. i wanted to give everybody another update about my medical trip to utah i had one this past monday and tuesday january 5th and 6th   and if you guys follow me on twitter might have seen me tweeting the whole trip from my takeoff from long beach airport all the way to my four hour stay at

Salt lake city airport because we were snowed in and i couldn’t get my flight out for an extra three hours one and then i was supposed go back in december   i was stuck in traffic before getting to long beach airport for two hours finally went back this time and utah was beautiful the snow was amazing i haven’t had a snowy winter in a

Long time so i was really looking forward to that i’m glad i don’t have to stay there all the time! it was just for 2 nights. well actually, 1 night when i stayed in utah a little visit. it was really nice.   i’ll put up some pictures or else i’ll snap on one of the videos i have after this but anyway, the meeting with the doctors  went

Really well  we didn’t do any of the test this time though because my insurance isn’t paying for my visits to utah anymore   which means i have meet with my doctors down here, my personal doctors and see if i can talk to her and see how we can work with doctors in utah  to get this paid for by the insurance, otherwise i think i’ll

Just have to trade a little harder make a couple more bucks and pay for my trips to utah on my own.   the first day i went to utah, i saw dr. gleich on monday as usual   he wasn’t all that much impressed with where i am. i seem to have plateaued out my skin’s a little redder, a little bit more rash than back  in november and i

Told him it was because a week after i came back from utah in november we had a big wildfire down here and it was it was really close to our house as people socal might know, wildfires burned one area one year or one season   and then those places are burned, so the fire is likely to burn somewhere else  and i guess it was our time,

Finally. it got really close, about maybe less than a mile down here in yorba linda and then diamond bar, which is where i went to high school just five minutes down the street our cars were packed for that whole fire thing, ready to move before the firemen even came luckily we didn’t have to do that but the smoke just stayed down here for 2 or

3 weeks   the first 2 weeks i did pretty well so that’s an improvement you know  before this, i would immediately break out even if a car passed by   i would just go crazy and start breaking out in rashes everywhere and my skin would start leaking who knows what kind of chemicals were up in there in the smoke because a

Lot of house went up in flames in yorba linda must be a lot of chemicals, metals in there and i was able to hold my own for maybe a week or so   but i started breaking down two or three weeks after and just taken from then (mid-november) until the last week or so to slowly slowly recover from that but the good thing is i was able to take

The hit and recover but it also shows me that that i don’t have that much of a health cushion yet i have to do everything i’m doing now to  stay where i’m at or have allergic reactions to something i’m not supposed to have that was a little concerning for dr. gleich and we were discussing some options that we might go forward with  

Maybe up the dosage of the immunosuppressant cyclosporine i’ve been been trying? this thing right here. it’s for people with transplants i guess they’re immune system is rejecting the   organs or whatever that people had implanted in themselves i’m basically rejecting everything i’m putting in myself or basically rejecting myself. my body is allergic

To myself  well wait hold on hey look is why is my partner oh  this way trigger alamo on twitter great guy great   guy we’re working together on a new project so so  you be sure to look forward 50 v right here this   okay, the next day i went in to see dr. leiferman (dermatologist – dr. gleich’s wife) i guess the travel the first day

Was what got my skin a little messed up but the next day it looked pretty good and i’ve been gaining weight like i said in my  dr. gleich want me to get up to 150 pounds, i’m up to 129 pounds now holding it  i was 125 or below when i started or closing to 120 when i started elecare, the food supplement drink that i’m taking   it’s

Really helping i’m actually taking in the nutrients as opposed to just being allergic and not only not getting any nutrients but having to spend energy  of having and spending all that energy did to fight that off    so dr. leiferman she didn’t really want to rock the boat right now she said a couple times before that each layer of

The skin takes a couple  and i have my whole life’s worth of of skin damage to  work through so, as long as my skin is is slowly recovering and the quality is looking better it’s kind of hard to see on the all the videos, a don’t know if i showed it to you guys before but there’s more elasticity there’s more bounce in it i mentioned before with robathol,

Then putting vanicream on afterwards to keep in the moisture, is actually keeping in the moisture as opposed to the other stuff i tried before i would just react to it and not only was i not keeping in the moisture i was flaring up we’re staying with just 100 milligrams of cyclosporine not upping it because i seem to be doing okay and they didn’t want to

Give me more medication than i need to also, with cyclosporine there’s still some side effects that could come out so they want me to get a blood test down here with my doctor

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Cyclosporine Helping Skin Layers to grow Back, Gaining Healthy Weight – Medical 1.5.09 pt. 1 By Jeffrey Lin