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Cystic Fibrosis – My Daily Medication

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Cystic Fibrosis –

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel so for today’s video i’m doing something a little different that’s not makeup or beauty related i’m actually gonna talk about my daily medications i take not my breathing treatment medications but just my usual like pills and antibiotics and things like that that i have to take on a daily basis so if you would like to see that

Then keep on watching so if you didn’t know i have a lung disease called cystic fibrosis i will put what everything means down below because if you’ve been watching my channel for a long time you know that the way i describe things or try and make you understand what the hell i’m talking about never makes any sense because i just not good at explaining things so

Hyperlink everything definitions the actual medical terms down below along with some other cf videos that i have made so i think what i’m gonna talk about first is all my belly related medication that i have to take every day if you didn’t know a lot of times with cystic fibrosis a lot of belly issues also come into play because we do not absorb food properly we do

Not get the nutrients properly from the food we have a lot of constipation problems or you have a lot of diarrhea problems it’s just it is what it is i’m blood i’m honest it’s it is what it is every time i eat i have to take a medication called cree on 20’s this is the bottle and i take six of these every time i eat so every time i eat something basically anything

That’s very very fattening high-calorie i have to take enzymes because i do not digest food but this is what it looks like it’s so little whether they’re big to some people but to take six of these basically every time i eat is a lot it’s a lot of pill to swallow unintended so the next medication i take is omeprazole and this is a knockoff prilosec prilosec is a

Heartburn medication if someone with cystic fibrosis has terrible terrible heartburn it will actually lower our lung function so we have to take some sort of heartburn medication to prevent that from happening and this is the pill and like i said this is the generic version just like a pile of sack but it’s kind of mep rizal so i do take one of those every day the

Next pill i take actually by myself because i really feel like it works and helps my stomach out a lot and it is cultural and i like to buy the extra strength because i have bought generic i have bought just the regular cultural but i actually feel a difference when i take the extra strength cultural so i do take one of these every day just to help with digestion

Area gas bloating digestive issues in general and it also helps with your immune system so that’s another reason i like to take these 80% of your immune system happens to be in your stomach so if your stomach is it doing very well you probably just feel like crap all over so anything that’s gonna help balance my stomach out and make things better i’m gonna take and

Lastly is a lovely stool softener oh yes a lovely stool softener so for those who aren’t like my immediate or close friends because i’m pretty sure all of them know this but i have had a blockage now so nice to talk about i have had a blockage since april and it actually had admitted me into the hospital this past august if we do not get the appropriate amount

Of hydration obviously whatever is down there is not gonna get to go through properly so blockages obstructions constipation is typically a normal thing for those who have cystic fibrosis so these i started taking in august and it’s just a generic from my grocery store and it is a laxative and is also a stimulant lovely so the last belly related medication that

I take daily is me relax this is another genetic version genetic this is another generic prescribed medication it’s just like me relax it’s the same thing and i actually put two scoops of this in my coffee every day i mean every day so it just helps keep things a-movin keep things chugging along you know i’m saying this is finally what my doctors and i figured

Out what works for me because there’s nothing worse than being in that amount of pain if anybody has gone through being completely blocked or obstructed the pain is just horrible horrible so anything i can take to help keep things on a more normal path i’m gonna do another medication that i take every day is called monte cast on telecast montilla monte you test

I’m horrible at pronouncing things and but yeah it’s basically singular so singulair is a allergy medication and this basically just helps keep my allergies down and prevent asthma attacks i have a this is what the pill actually looks like it’s just a small little yellow pill but if you’ve heard of singulair it’s it’s the same thing but i have a very small as met

Asthmatic related i guess symptoms so i don’t go into like full-blown asthma attacks or anything like that but this just keeps everything me breathing easier and anybody with a lung disease needs a little bit of that so that helped keep the allergies at bay and helps i’m filming another pill i take is a zipper myosin this is technically an antibiotic the doctors

Have found that taking this every day because as this more myosin can be taken for so many different medical problems but for those with cf it keeps the airways open because we tend to have restricted airways so this keeps the swelling i just a word of the airways open and again for us to breathe better so it’s just this little white pill no big deal but yeah i

Take this once a day every day because i am on so many antibiotics i can’t believe i’m talking about this either not only am i on sick like the azithromycin is an antibiotic but i am on an inhaled antibiotic every month like i i’m on one kind for one month and then a different kind the next month and i go back and forth between it to every other month so because

Of that i do take an azo yeast plus just just to be safe because those who have ever had a yeast infection let’s just keep it real it is not good okay it is miserable so i like to take one of these every day just to keep things from coming on you know i’m fan the last three pills that i take every day are just vitamins so i am prescribed these vitamins are called

Decca’s de ke a can yes bell they’re called decas because those with with cf it’s hard for us to absorb any amount of vitamins and nutrients from our food so we have to get them through supplements as well so a lot of the times the de k and s are very low in our blood when we get our blood john to see how our vitamin levels are so that helps to give us a boost

With our de k and egg the next two things i choose to take i’m whatever it with my doctors and they agree just because like i said a lot of the vitamins in my blood testing is low so i just take a woman’s vitamin this is a century just a multivitamin so it has all the normal stuff in it that you would think just to make sure i’m getting enough of the vitamins

That i’m supposed to get on the daily then lastly especially in the fond winner because everybody is sick i actually take vitamin c this is a thousand milligrams and i take this once a day this also helps boost my immune system so again anything that’s gonna help me not to get sick or feel better i’m gonna take that is all my daily medications this is what works

For me it’s not gonna work for everybody it might be a little over the top for some but the fact that my doctors agree with everything that’s all that matters so yeah again this is not medication involving my treatment stuff i think that’s gonna be another video just to show you what i do with my treatments every day this might be a lot to some people and this

Might be nothing compared to other of my sisters and fibroids out there but if you kind of have similar medications that you take if they work for you if they don’t work through you if you’ve tried them if you have any questions please comment below or message me on instagram or snapchat and i will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have so this

Is it for this video i hope you liked it and if you did please give me a thumbs up and subscribe i’d really appreciate it and i will see you on my next video thanks for watching guys bye you

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Cystic Fibrosis – My Daily Medication By Christy Nicole