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Cytomel / Liothyronine / T3 Experience – Personal Review

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Hey hey everyone during this video i’ll do a personal review of seidel mel slash t3 i was on a few years ago and for hypothyroidism and i recently introduced it back into my daily regimen and just through being off of it and on it i know for a fact that or i mean i i think i know that the stuff works pretty damn well i would rate it up there i say for hypothyroidism

It’s the best drug out there for some reason it’s not used so commonly anymore is very actually hard to find here in canada but i’m overall i was on it for hypothyroidism a few years ago then i moved on to centroids toxin 40 to help with t4 so if you’re unfamiliar with saitama was supposed to help with your t3 levels so just recently after being on synthoid for

A wild life i had progressed to my endocrinologist to allow me to try t3 saito mell again and he said essentially there’s no reason to because manipulating seat manipulating my levels of t4 the recent thought is what’s gonna help me with hypothyroidism i said to him let’s just give it a shot and raise my t3 levels let’s see what happens three months on it i went

Back to the endocrinologist i felt great my blood work came out good i mean like as far as the t3 and t4 levels were concerned all of my tsh was a little bit on a lower side and then it was at that point that he said you know what i’m sorry the endocrinologist said to me that we’re finding in the research that there are some people that benefit from taking the t3

Instead of taking t4 for hypothyroidism so if it’s if it’s something that that seems to be an issue for you things like chronic fatigue just lower energy levels kind of worse mood these are all signs that maybe your thyroid is a little bit low although i mean there’s so many different things that that could be attributed to as well like low testosterone and maybe

Seasonal affective disorder but thyroid is something that is definitely responsible for again like your overall levels of energy levels of like mood alertness things like that and i would say that um it’s something i mean i know that it’s very commonly used in the bodybuilding world in the fitness industry for weight loss slash fat loss although i don’t think it’s

That as significant as some people think it is as far as weight loss and fat loss is concerned you hear bodybuilders getting on it getting on c3 for weight loss and then they have to take it and then you know eventually after they’ve lost all the weight they want to then they stop taking the drug i just think that’s incredibly um i mean it’s just not it’s not a

Safe it doesn’t sound healthy as far as just your overall hormone hormonal health so i wouldn’t recommend it that way and again i mean just raising your t3 levels it’s again it’s i mean you’re it’s hard i wouldn’t be the person who could properly quantify it but i would guess maybe it’ll help you you know lose 100 to 200 extra calories per day or not even maybe

50 to 100 calories extra per day which could add up in the long run but overall just from being just from having higher levels of t3 you would also experience a little bit more muscle loss as well as far as what i would have gone from the readings but it’s something which seems safe because it’s like settle mel /t three it’s been around for so long so as far as

Hypothyroidism is concerned i would definitely recommend you check it out that way um you know go on refer like three months is really nothing to lose is essentially no side effects as so many people who would just to live on seidel mph / t3 s even t4 so i hope you guys found that helpful and i’ll see you next time

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Cytomel / Liothyronine / T3 Experience – Personal Review By TheNootropicReviewer