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Daily Bipolar check in 4/21

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My bipolar check in for 4/21. Nothing special to report today. The #latuda seems to be helping.

Good morning everybody it’s um 4 21 so this is going to be my morning check-in i am driving but i’m on a super straight road with no traffic so it’s fine um how do i feel this morning um slept good that’s always a good thing my best friend texts me saying that his so i kind of have to do a back story behind this and let you know how we became best friends and all

That good stuff it’s the same best friend that i was going to go to the flea market with the other day we grew up living like next door to each other like my window was his my bedroom window looked out to his bedroom window and we both kind of grew up the same way with alcoholics and drug addicts as parents so we pretty much raised ourselves well he has when

He was younger he got into some trouble and um yeah so he kind of went to juvenile and and even prison for you know a stint of our younger lives but since then he has you know got out he’s been out for a few years now but he actually has a baby girl and when i tell you he is the best dad best dad ever well he was living with his grandpa helping his grandpa and

Then his grandpa died and his mom kind of took over everything well she’s an alcoholic so last night she god i’m just telling all of his business but y’all don’t know him and he probably won’t see these because i probably won’t tell him about him but he um so anyway she’s drunk and um trying to like kick him out and it’s like he’s got his little girl he’s got his

His whole life ahead of him he’s not in trouble anymore he’s worked hard to get off parole and just all that and knowing that he’s such a great dad why she would want to call the cops on him is beyond me but it’s just because she was drunk and she has alcohol problem um but anyway so he texts me this morning and well actually i text him i was like good morning

That’s kind of like something we do and um he said i i said something like today is gonna be a good day and he told me what happened and i just told them that you’re a super dad there’s no way anything can happen to you um and and you know we’ll get it figured out and don’t worry i’ll help them but that made me feel good but i have this feeling of wanting to

Cry this morning and i don’t know why and um i i really don’t know why because i slept well you know nothing’s going on but i just feel like i could cry i don’t know if it’s happy cry sad cry whatever i just feel like i could cry so hopefully that doesn’t carry on into my work because i definitely don’t need to be crying up there um yeah i have a little bit

Of that feeling in my stomach that i get you know i say that i get it it’s more like i keep it all the time but um anyway so here’s um what day is it wednesday now i guess the 21st um this is my check-in um and i’ll try to check in with you guys a little bit later everybody have a good day bye

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Daily Bipolar check in 4/21 By Bipolar Chris