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Dance Show Day 2 (2018)

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Hey! Today was day 2 of dance show and I’m exhausted! I took several tests and it was really nice out.

Hi so as you can tell by the window it’s not early in the morning i don’t get up that early it is late at night i just got home and yeah so i’m gonna explain basically what happened today today i woke up i’ve been showering at night has been really cool in the morning and my hair is wet when i saw in the morning and it’s freezing cold and then i’m more likely to get

Sick and my sister is sick and wonder what school are sick so i’m not getting sick i do not need to get sick this week after totally fine but right now no thank you um so i got up got ready went to dance lose ran a couple numbers i was kind of zoned out because i wasn’t any others i was like stretching crank when were in my head and then went spanish took a test my

Computer was being annoying all day i just want to throw my computer out of window because it is driving me up a tree it’s not working when it foucault do this and this should work it’s not working so i’m ready to throw down a window so yeah and then what else oh and then i went across the street to math so that was good i was having a bunch of brain farts and but

She was so cool you do this and this is like oh yeah i tried to do that um so that was fun and then i went back cross street tried to learn with our computer did some history then i went to psych took another test and then i also before at lunch before sight i took an emergency because it has vitamins in it help you prevent you from getting sick it has a little it

Has some sugar in it and i don’t need any sugar so it hit me like i’m sitting i just finished the test and effort q and everything i was sitting there on my desk and i was just like kinda sitting there and i’m like i’m wide awake because usually i kind of just rest my eyes but cuz i’m like tired because like the end of the day i was like i’m like cuz the sugar hit

Me and look and i was sitting there that almost went slowly i started like fading and i’m just like i like dozed off and then um like i was like half asleep and then like i had to drive home and i said like wake myself up oh so i came home and i was of course like as i was driving like i woke up and then i got home and i’m like oh and i got my bed and like i’m not

Tired at all let’s run a marathon so not run a marathon but like i have energy and so i just kind of rested for a while then i have an eight got my bag ready because today i needed three different shoes for three different dances and then i went to she’s gonna jump up jumping up there we go so then i went to rehearsal and that was fun we did a bunch of our numbers

Are really fun so we have i’m gonna explain to you and my numbers cuz i don’t think i’ve done that yet i have one that is kind of by like a sister of mine i consider her sister and her sisters like its decision me too and it’s awesome it’s all about going home and like it’s so i like it in bell to my heart it’s so nice and sweet and i just i don’t know and then i

Have another one which is like about all being weird which like if you know me i’m like super weird i have stay weird written on my shoes like everywhere and so that is another fun one and then we have for another number we have our old people and we are like old and like we’re not it’s it’s awesome it’s a character piece i love character pieces and then we have

Another one which is about like turning keeping the light on and like home and everything the thing the whole show is home so yeah i love all the numbers they’re amazing i’m very excited so yeah they’re herstal went well and then my mom had a band backer meeting so she took chuggers cuz chuggers has been much hugs hi tags chuggers has been like whenever guys just

Oh my gosh a person cuz usually like you know i get home and i just stay in my room and i like rest all the time so i’m so exhausted and like do schoolwork and stuff like it’s not that often like i’m gone for as long as i’ve been gone and that’s like and if i am it’s like not every single day and i start the weekend usually i gotta lay in bed and rest this weekend

I wasn’t i was doing scores so she’s kind of like what is happening so my mom took her and she met some new people and then i picked her up and she was so excited and then it was really cute and then i drove home now i’m back home and i’m going to eat chicken and orange and watch some stuff i’m not sure what and then i i’m gonna i don’t know if my brains gonna be

Awake if i eat and my brain turns on we’ll do schoolwork if not i’m just gonna shower cuz i’m disgusting and sweaty and then get my costumes ready for tomorrow and find my eyelash glue because all my eyelashes are falling out

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Dance Show Day 2 (2018) By Lilia’s Lens