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Dance Show Day 3

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Hi! This week I’m in a dance show, so I decided to vlog it. Hope you enjoy!

Hi it’s looks like twelve o’clock um i have time to vlog earlier but basically this morning armor woke up i was tired but room every morning and then run to the day and today’s dress rehearsal and it’s a very busy day for me cuz wednesday’s are always busy for me but now that i’m gonna be here to like really really late it didn’t even busier um so i finished with

Dance um we had to say a little bit into lunch because and i had to leave at some point in they weren’t even done yet because i was having trouble breathing and i need to go lay down so i had to leave them high breathing is a little better now it’s not the best but it’s better um and then i’m just like really tired and just i’m not here i have not been awake this

Whole week like somebody will ask me something and it’ll take me a minute to register what they asked and then answer them well i still tell me something and then look i don’t get that and it’ll explain to me like eyes are explaining it dinner it clicks in my head with what it means yeah i’m just not awake i’m going to finish i have health to finish and then i go

Meet with my teacher and then i come back and i’m going to get ready closed rehearsals imma straighten my hair um cuz easier that put up and down on it straight and i’m gonna do my makeup and all that so i just finishing my hair and makeup i just finished my um here comes my sister hello wait till your haircut i see part of my head and she was too excited she was

More excited than i am i didn’t soak that no i want to go to my hair i’m seriously thinking about it um my fisherman makeup and i don’t like makeup but um and shooting my hair and so i’m about to go the rehearsal i’ll probably there till like eight nine for any kids who are watching this stay in school no matter how much you hate homework stay in school like right

Now i’m really tired and filled open room i hate rap few trucks and i’m mentally not here that kiss me a few moment that’s me don’t tell me something because a few moments to register it and like what they said so i just finished with rehearsal it’s like 720 my mom to be here anyway pick me up i’m so exhausted right now i had her to live acts i can’t hold on frames

Get in the way and they also fly off and open and i don’t want to take me less food and then he’ll buy stuck up and over run over by a few trucks more than earlier and so he’s done i’m not mentally prepared for anything else i’m just so tired right now but tomorrow’s the show first show is so excited and my friend i haven’t seen in forever might be coming and i’m

Really excited this is better lighting in my makeup my friend in my eye shot i really like it it looks quite really dramatic right now but when you’re on stage desert so so took that out as much of this as i can i’d like the eyeliner it is not want to come off something really cool about wordpress its desired my blog on is that it shows me where my readers are from

So i think it’s so cool like i’ve people like reading it in like germany united kingdom and the united states over united states but still like i so cool guys like some people like from like all over the world like reading my blog that i think that’s so cool i mean it’s like i hit the movie so today was a good day from what i can remember um i’m so i’m like at my

Brain is just cooling off um so today was a pretty good day when i remember um i sucede you don’t know how i’m still standing at how i’m not like in bed and not able to do anything it’s only 3 i’m like i want to sleep but um yeah i think i’m gonna go to bed um hope everyone of course your day evening night whenever you are watching this goodnight

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Dance Show Day 3 By Lilia’s Lens