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Datura Users Caught on Film – Dark Twisted and True (Episode 1)

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In this video J. D. Zorrows analyzes footage of users high on datura, a plant containing deliriant substances: Scopolamine and Hyoscyamine.

Okay all right coming up next here uh the wild weed that grows everywhere the kids are taking their lives in their hands by eating it crucial information coming up dangerous fad this is to become this local weed or the devil’s cucumber but smoking it or swallowing its seeds can be dead patrick healy has a live report on this alarming trend jimson weed also known as

Angels trumpet or loco weed comes from the plant detour stromonium ingestion of the plant can cause high fever severe dehydration rapid heart rate and result in seizures jimson’s hallucinogenic properties have been known for centuries experts say growth of the plant is widespread in virtually every state in the country making it terrifyingly easy for teens to get

Their hands on it foreign also known as jimson weed is a flowering plant found all over the world including most of the united states the plant contains two chemicals iosiamine and scopolamine while the tour is a hallucinogen it is not a psychedelic despite what some uneducated people may tell you the delirium class of drugs produce negative experiences in

The user consistently and they may carry extreme health risks including organ toxicity lasting cognitive impairment and even death many of those who disregard these dangers detail their negative experiences online while many of us may have read about such experiences i’ve found that not many people myself included have witnessed someone high on detora firsthand

As such the main goal of the following video is to get an idea of what someone high on the torah looks like sometime in the mid 90s an episode of the show insider edition covers a local story about a teenager taking to torah to get high though many news reports from different stations existed at the time covering the topic the episode of insider edition stands

Out from the rest for one simple fact it has actual footage of someone high on propane alkaloids a local teenager james freeze and his friend one day decided to take some detora however not too long after ingesting the plant they are found in such an intoxicated state that the police decided to bring them down to their local station and begin filming their

Bizarre behaviors it is during this trip to the local jail that james fries and his friend are filmed while deep under the influence of the drug this is interesting because it serves as an example of what detora’s most common effects can look like to an outsider james freeze stands up attempting to walk managing to only robotically stumble across the room an

Officer stopped him and tells him to sit down james walks back a few steps looks at the chair and attempts to sit completely missing it and falling to the floor this is an example of the extreme motor control loss commonly felt by datura users in another part of the video we can see examples of paranoia fear the nonsensical speaking patterns as well as more

Of the cognitive effects from our perspective however some of the most interesting parts of the video are the parts demonstrating the hallucinations of the boy’s witness in one part we can see james beckoning to some non-existent friends to come towards him most interesting of all however is the following clip which demonstrates a phenomenon known as phantom

Cigarettes bantam cigarettes or hallucinations of cigarettes that the user will smoke not realizing it isn’t real until they realize something weird about it such as it doesn’t get any shorter no matter how much they smoke or remembering that they have no more cigarettes or that perhaps they don’t even smoke cigarettes at all in the first place other less common

Manifestations of this effect include smoking phantom joints or bowls or even doing phantom pills or lines of drugs this effect is reported by both smokers and non-smokers it is also an effect that is commonly experienced by users of all delirium drugs and is not exclusive to only datura in this clip we see james freeze past his friend a non-existent cigarette

While we’re at the manner in which they pass it leads me to believe they may actually be perceiving a phantom joint of cannabis rather than a tobacco cigarette this is just one example of the effects experienced by users of the torah additionally the footage of this clip online is short so while the episode of insider edition provides us with some interesting

Footage the short nature doesn’t paint a very good picture beyond a few highlighted effects which we just discussed foreign video is uploaded to youtube simply titled detour trip which captures the uploader’s brother in the middle of a tutorial trip in the first 18 seconds of the entire 41 minute and 18 second video the tourist effects are demonstrated well

The uploader asks beaker where his car is and beaker responds it is at his friend’s house the uploader then asks why it’s there and beaker simply responds with an incoherent mumbling beaker doesn’t do much insane in this video but i feel it gives a better idea of what someone who’s not as intoxicated as james freeze was can look like while at first glance it may

Not seem too messed up it becomes more obvious as you watch along the uploader asks speaker questions and beaker answers them nonsensically beaker appears to be entranced at some points even appearing to wear a face of fear at times is easily confused and his behavior does not follow any pattern of logic though his motor coordination doesn’t seem to be affected

Heavily at this point in his intoxication here in this following clip we can see beaker talk to someone who isn’t there in the next few seconds he is astonished when the uploader tells him that there was no one else there head inside their house and the television set plays commercials and jingles in the background as they walk past it to go to the garage the

Uploader attempts to pass in a fake cigarette or joint or a bowl of some sort beaker suspicious doesn’t accept it and responds once again incoherently displaying the heavily affected ability to speak logically string together words that have no connection or bringing ideas into the conversation that were completely bizarre the clip displays more of his ramblings

And mumbling the video’s most interesting parts are in its first three quarters the rest of the video is mostly the same stuff beaker on the couch eating cereal him watching cartoons and finally in the last few moments the video assembly ends like the following dude quit oh my god as i said earlier while not as eventful as james freeze smoking phantom cigarettes

Or crashing to the floor just probably the best bet for the average viewer to view a long-form video detailing many of the different effects able to be experienced by someone tripping on the torah hopefully our analysis of the former 2 videos has left you more informed about something that i think many people have heard of but probably have never seen firsthand

One thing i want to stress is that datura is toxic it will absolutely cause health issues if you try to use it for a high and it will have a high probability of leaving you with lasting cognitive and physical issues for possibly your entire life most importantly of all however is the high chance it will kill you outright so hopefully the real life footage two

Separate cases of people tripping on detora will have killed any suspicions that you may have had of a tutorial being an urban legend which is tempting sometimes seeing just how fantastical the tour trip reports can sometimes read and just remember if you have to get high this stuff is not the way to do it

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Datura Users Caught on Film – Dark Twisted and True (Episode 1) By From the Fringes