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Day 1 Letrozole

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This is part of our Tubal reversal TTC journey!!

Hey everybody okay so i’m uploading this video a day late so um but i wanted to hop on here and kind of talk about what’s been going on um in our journey um and i apologize i’m all congested for my allergies um and my allergy medicine is not even working but anyways so um had blood work done last monday so the 23rd because i had gotten two positives on home

Pregnancy tests one was clear blue and one was um first response early reader um and so like within two to three minutes the positive lines had shown up so called the doctor he was like well that’s good let’s do blood work see what your levels are and so did the blood work last monday um got the results back when’s on wednesday i think um and wednesday or

Thursday i can’t remember y’all but um basically he said that the hcg was less than five which is negative for pregnancy and my progesterone was at a four um which shows that i was past ovulation um which i also do um bbt in the mornings basal body temperature so i already knew that was expected to be low because it had dropped um from being close to 99 in

The morning um high 98’s um for 11 days no 10 days and then day 11 and 12 post ovulation it dropped to 97.4 and then that he called the day he called me it was 97.09 um so i expected that to be low so i asked him what exactly does that mean because you know it’s the end of august we have surgery june 4th of this year which i mean it’s still super soon it’s

Been um two weeks two weeks lord two months and a couple weeks um so he basically explained it that um i very well could have been pregnant which caused the positives um but with having the surgery and everything my hormones are probably still not doing what they need to be doing um so he said i’m ovulating the eggs releasing i’m getting the positives but the

Egg is not mature enough to carry the pregnancy when i tell y’all that my heart sunk a little when he said that because i was like wow like what does that mean because before um my reversal i never had issues um with pregnancy eggs maturing things like that and so i was like scared nervous like i got this feeling in my stomach and so i was like okay so what what

Now um how do we you know make sure that eggs are doing what they need to do so he was like well i want to put you on medicine and so i got medicine um and it is i don’t know if i’m gonna say this right letrazole 2.5 milligrams um it says take one tablet by mouth daily starting on day on third day of period and then it’s got like the little warning labels

May cause dizziness do not use if you’re pregnant suspect that you are pregnant or while breastfeeding um and then talks about driving a vehicle so today is day three it is august 29th and it’s day three so i have to take my first pill today um i think i’m gonna do it at night just because i don’t know how it’s going to affect me normally if a medicine has side

Effects i normally get those side effects um and so i just would rather be at home not out in public having to worry about it um so yeah i will take my first pill tonight um and there’s five pills and um i did ask him like is there a specific time i have to take it he said no as long as you’re taking it daily around the same time just so you don’t forget to

Take it um i asked about when um we could start having sex after the pills um and he said you know after your period whenever you know um it doesn’t affect anything um but he said to watch for when my temperature starts to rise um anything over 98 um is a good indicator um and so basically what this pill is supposed to do and we’re hoping it does is one which

Help mature the eggs so that it can continue the pregnancy two also helps to stimulate ovulation so he said there’s a possibility that more than one egg um and i hope i’m remembering this right if if i’m not don’t come for me in the comments y’all but um to stimulate ovulation and so since i already ovulate there’s a possibility it can encourage more eggs to

Drop i think that’s what he said um which i’m not built for twins or triplets y’all so y’all pray that it works with one um but yeah so that’s that’s the medicine um he did do two refills on this um and so up to three cycles i guess is what he is prepared to do um i’m in a couple different tubal reversal support groups on facebook and i was looking through

Things that people had posted i asked the question myself like hey is anybody taking this you know what were your results what were side effects um and the only bad side effect not bad but the only side effect that people really said was night sweats which for me i already get hot when i sleep so i’m like i’m gonna be a little puddle when i wake up in the

Morning so um that and then also i asked like hey was it successful like how many like cycles did you have to take it uh majority of them said one to two cycles um and they were currently pregnant right now um i don’t think anyone said it wasn’t successful i mean of course you know everybody’s different so i’m going into this with the outlook that god’s got

Me god’s got us um and praying for his little sticky baby um so yeah that is what’s currently happening um talk to the hubs about it and everything like how do you feel about twins just in case he was like i never had to win so i don’t know i was like okay smart guy um but i am just staying positive and hopeful um and just i don’t know because if this i

Don’t even want to talk about that but if it doesn’t work i don’t know what the next step is um so we’re just praying that it does work and it does what it’s supposed to do um but yeah if you guys have any questions if you have tried letrozole or anything similar to it let me know down below let me know if it was successful how many cycles you had to try um

If you’ve gone through anything like this let me know if you have any questions about my journey so far let me know i’ll be happy to answer any questions that you guys have otherwise keep us in your thoughts and prayers and i will see you all next time bye

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