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Day 18 on Atomoxetine

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I had a panic attack this morning.

Day 18 um i didn’t really notice the nausea so much today but i think that was probably because it was a pretty stressful day like my mind was just occupied with other things um i didn’t feel hungry i don’t really feel hungry now but i’m going to try to eat because i haven’t eaten anything other than a protein bar this morning to take the medicine so i’ll

Try to eat but i still don’t feel hungry and it’s 11 about 11 hours after taking 75 milligrams of atomoxetine so yeah that’s about the same the big difference was that this morning um about two hours after i took atamox team i had um what i think was a panic attack i’ve had panic attacks before but this one felt different when it started like first i

Noticed that my pulse was racing and then then i started having like palpitations and then my chest started to hurt um and that’s that’s when sort of the anxiety came in and it went into you know difficulty breathing and things like that so yeah i don’t know if the whole thing was a panic attack or if it started as side effects and then i panicked about

The side effects i don’t really know i have had like the low low and i said this yesterday i don’t want to call it low level i mean low like underlying which i’m just realizing is the conclusion i came to yesterday but obviously um my brain can’t keep information for five minutes so i’ve had that like underlying anxiety pretty much all day and even now

Um i just described it um as um like a low vibration that i’m trying to ignore or like tinnitus which i also have but that kind of like you know it’s always there and if you if you pay attention to it then it gets worse well it seems to get worse because you’re paying attention to it whatever that kind of anxiety has been on me all day in terms of getting

Things done weekends are difficult to measure because it’s like active outside teaching all day so i don’t you know there isn’t anything else to get done so i can’t say i got more done because it’s the same i don’t know i’m still not feeling like particularly focused or anything so i’m tired though keep stifling your arms yeah real tired all right so

Yeah that’s it um today is saturday and on tuesday i’ll see the psychiatrist and talk about all this um so maybe monday i’ll try to make some notes i’ll go back through these videos and and make like a notes that i can tell him how things went every day and i must remember she says writing it down i must remember to think about the questions i want to ask

Like is my dosage right because most of what i’ve read recommends 80 to 100 milligrams and this is only 75 i’m sure there were more questions but they’ve gone so i’m leaving the notebook out so i remember so i remember to write down any questions that pop into my head this was um unnecessarily long so i’ll see you tomorrow

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Day 18 on Atomoxetine By Neurodivergent in Japan