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Day 30 of Accutane/Isotretinoin Update and Tips

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Hey Youtubers!!! I have just finished my first month of Accutane/Isotretinoin. I am taking 40mg a day and my only side effects thus far are dry lips and eyes. Below are some of my must have products. Hope this can help! 🙂

Hi my name is christina so i’m here to talk about accutane isotretinoin claravis whatever you call it mine is actually called claravis i guess it’s the generic version it’s really cheap only five bucks a month so what accutane is it’s an extreme dose of vitamin a and this stops your sebum glands sebum glands from producing oils and the oils cause acne and i know there’s

Been crazy crazy stories of side effects like suicidal thoughts and muscle pains and premature aging there’s there’s a crazy amount of things that could happen to you while you’re on this drug but if you’re suffering with acne then just do it just go for it i mean if you’ve tried a whole bunch of other things like antibiotics and over-the-counter facial creams and

Lotions and everything else that’s what i’ve tried a whole bunch of things from acne i mean it may not look like it’s only been a month and its really helped me a lot and i know a lot of people say oh but you don’t even have acne you don’t need it i mean i would have about three to four pimples on my face every day when i woke up and this has been happening since

I was 11 years old i’m 21 now this should be over with like why am i still getting pimples and the thing is with me every pimple would leave a mark a deep pit in my skin a brown mark that would stay on my skin for years like a year at least a year or 10 months it’s like my face was like a diary every pimple i had for the past few months it’s crazy so that’s the

Real reason why i want on accutane and my dermatologist actually agreed with me that i needed it so this is my first month and the only real side effects i can say that i had that i have is dry eyes i wear contacts so it can’t really wear my contacts anymore but that’s fine dry lips extremely dry lips and dandruff i have curly curly hair so i don’t wash my hair

That much and my hair is dry normally so for all the other girls on youtubes who on youtube who love how they’re how their hair was dry and how it didn’t get oily and that they didn’t need to wash it i’m kind of not in their bow because i never washed my hair to begin with i would only watch like once a week once every week and a half so now i kind of have to wash

It more just to get the flakes out of my hair but whatever the just biggest problem i have i don’t mind having to use rewetting drops for my eyes but my lips really bug me out the first week i started to get really dry lips and this is i feel like this is odd because everyone else probably got dry lips within a month or like a month or two into it i got mines the

First week so i had i stocked up on all these products and i actually made a list of things that really work well i know everyone says aquaphor out forest fine this is what i start off with this is what i started off with but it’s not the best thing the world because i used this before i had a cutie and i used it before so it really didn’t make a difference what

I do every morning and every night i take release cosmetic sponges there are walgreens for like three of them for like 23 bucks and i take olive oil and i put the olive oil on my lips then a scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub for like 30 seconds and i made like wet the cloth the sponge a little bit just to help scrub scrub scrub every morning every night and then

At night i leave some of the olive oil on my lips and then i put vitamin e oil this this is my ship this is awesome i love vitamin e oil it works wonders even our dry patches or have you ever had a pimple and then you put so many products on like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that your skin just got so dry this is amazing for that as well so i would put some

Of this on my lips rub it in wait a few seconds and then i would put this neosporin overnight renewal therapy i lost the top oh my cat loss at the top they love to play with anything and everything but it’s white and it makes your lips white so you can only really use this when you’re going to bed i slather it on and when i wake up my lips are so plump and smooth

And moisten they’re amazing why i did what i noticed about my accutane lips i call my accutane about my lips swell on accutane they look like crumpled up plastic bags that’s how mine looked like when i would put on before on them so they’re super dry with just a layer of shininess on top of them it wasn’t attractive at all but this is really helped really really

Really helped in exfoliating two times a day maybe even three when i go home and during the day i have one of these in my purse and i use this constantly when i’m going outside i use the eos bomb this helps this helps i didn’t like this before before i went on accutane but now i kind of like it and i put some some aquaphor during the day i have so much my dad is

So happy with all these lip products i swear so heavy and i’m a lipstick girl i don’t wear any other colored makeup on my face i wear foundation and mascara that’s about it and sometimes blush item where i shadowed so i look on my all the color and pound be on my lips but with dry lips you know you can’t wear lipstick it’ll be peeling it’ll look it looks disgusting

So what i have uncovered are these color whispers by mabley they’re like a lip balm but they give a good color payoff like right now i have the money i have this color on it’s really cute it’s cute it’s a good color it’s a sheer but it gives enough color because right normally my lips are brown they’re like a brown new they’re not not really attractive but this

Is really nice i have this in this magenta and i have it in a plum color it’s there really really gorgeous so that helps when you’re still trying to look pretty while on accutane oh this is going to be a hard next four months anyways for my skin’s sake i don’t use anymore salicylic acid products like clean and clear and neutrogena i don’t use anything with cell

Cilic acid or benzyl peroxide now i use this burt’s bees radiance facial cleanser you know natural products it doesn’t really feel like it’s cleaning my face so before this i actually be making blind layer so i have a cover cream i have concealer i layer so many products on my face to cover up my scars then i first used this cold cleanser by ponds and i smeared

All over my face it takes off my waterproof mascara beautifully i simmer all over my face and then i wipe it off with a like a towel or something and then i wash my face with this this works very well and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and radiant and it doesn’t leave it feeling stripped honestly if i use this i don’t even need a moisturizer but i do anyways

Even though my skin hasn’t gotten dry yet from the accutane like my facial skin i’m trying to prevent it because i know that when your face gets dry and super dry that causes premature aging and i already have crow’s feet from sun tanning and i’m only 21 i don’t need any more premature aging on this face so after i wash this set washed with this at night i use

Argan oil i’ve been using this for actually a few months now this is absolutely amazing it’s amazing it’s took it away it’s taken away some of the marks on my face but it just leaves my face feeling so smooth and the texture of it it’s there’s such a huge difference from what i’m from before i started using this to now this i use this on a daily basis but if my

Face feels a little drive or feels like gonna get dry i use the good old cetaphil cetaphil seat of film tomato tomato everyone raise about this and i understand why but it’s so thick it’s disgustingly thick i had this for a month now and this is all i’ve used it’s so thick i i feel like i pick on my face whenever i put this on but whatever i only is it at night

Time i can’t imagine using this and trying to put makeup on or even trying to leave the house with with this grease all over my face so in the morning i washed with this and then i just used this positively radiant daily moisturizer it doesn’t really moist it doesn’t more sure as my face that wall so i kind of think i need a better lotion for my face if you guys

Have any suggestions please let me know just something that’s not super greasy like the cetaphil but that still moisture izes my face but i can wear makeup on top of it and it doesn’t slide right off you know i don’t know this is hard accutane there’s no joke but in fords i’m going to love it i’m also thinking about doing a makeup tutorial of how i cover all of my

Acne scars because i have a lot and you’ll see in the pictures all right you guys have a good one

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Day 30 of Accutane/Isotretinoin Update and Tips By LipstickandCurls