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Daytana’s best friends!!!

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this is just a video about my friends!

Hi guys it’s the han here again and i’m okay and from the last video i just thought i talked about my friends a lot because friends are very important to me so this video is gonna be talking about my friend my best friends and i could talk about kendall because i’m the best friend tag with her and you guys can go check that one out if you want to know me about

Me about more of her and more about me and her and everything so there that name first off the first person i’m going to talk about is my best friend willie his name is william i like smith all will like he doesn’t like only so come willie and he is yeah he’s sweet he’s very sweet um he’s kidding he was born i’ll tell you that he was born i december twenty nine

Ninety nine to seven he’s better color i think it’s great i don’t know beautiful arena blue someone like then i don’t know he doesn’t tell me exactly is it sport is basketball i don’t know please tell me that i’m um he loved his dog his loving he loves his dog very much any you love his dog dog is cute he stops name’s daisy and he’s very into rap he likes like

Eminem little wayne waka flocka wiz khalifa all of people and what else guys say much he’s generous he cares about people a lot he’s very sweet he’s caring he’s loving he’s fine he’s very funny he’s hilarious if you talk to him he’s very billy he’s really hilarious um kinda thinks he’s cute cute he could be is cute here he has a he has a cute face all met you that

I he is he’s cute he has a great personality yeah she’s very he’s a good person side and out and he’s everything if you guys ever look for if you guys want the perfect boyfriend i’m gonna say that willie is it he’s got everything combined you got the looks you got the personality he’s got the karen is he’s got everything so just don’t check him out he’s mine just

Kidding he’s not mine he’s kendall’s what kimlin come a lot i do okay is grace grace is my best friend since eighth grade she became the first round i had my move back to my hometown after two years she she was honored really taught me at first so i know i i know that since the beginning we r coupe you’ve been closed because she’s on move what do you do yeah yeah

I got to really okay i’m various was going on grace was born on febuary 27 1998 her favorite color is red isaac ribic greg or better food pizza pizza yeah everyone loves pizza alright car got a text message from my medicine 75 dinner yeah i’ll talk about her a minute and then it’s gonna be like okay and graces chris’s favorite movie i think she has video today

Um grace favorite movie i don’t even know i think it’s like the bob actually or something how’s the growth in the world’s harry style because she thinks he’s hi sexy and gorgeous and everything in between so if she if you see through those and we are on great she’s my best friend everybody says that like a hundred times but she’s my best friend and she’s pretty

She’s very pretty she’s really pretty and she’s smart she’s very smart she does everything hmm she’s she’s very outgoing she does everything that i want to do she does think she gets me to do things i would never do sorry i was reading your text message i just lost my chance on ok but yeah and wrong so short bed skirt brace is a great person and i love her the

Best friend she’s access to me so i’m gonna try everything i can do to keep my friendship going with her because she’s awesome grace if you see this i love you girls you are awesome um next person ever talk about is my first friend jenna she’s really cool and she is very smart and she loves one direction and anything and her she was born on up to over nineteen

Nineteen ninety-seven mmm favorite colors purple favorite food is chicken and chicken it’s something i was little remember so i via text message um um jenna is a shot she’s shy at first but once you get to know it she’s actually kind of a going she’s funny she’s very funny um she’s very lovable who i wanna say that word um she’s very pretty i can sit she’s like she’s

Gorgeous i’ll tell you that right now um john loves playing pain let’s just say that she wants to marry him one day everyone wants lean everyone wants to marry liam too bad not wanted to i’ll get ubicate gentle gentle gentle will marry liam even if it’s the last thing i have to do to get her to marry liam i will do it she’s my best friend and i’ll do anything wrong

Um she’s very good secret keeper she won’t kill him or anything slip out of her mouth unlike me i do everything um yes so yes i cool i like her a lot because she’s my best friend come on one more thing um last verse i’ma talk for today is lexie she’s kind of cousin and she’s here all that i mean and she’s born on make 16 may sixteen 1997 um she has set out of the

Relationship with the sky eli for about a year now and they’re pretty good i guess if you want to say that um me and lexi met through kendall again as i said before well i didn’t think i said that but he lacks he has to kendall and we instantly connected like that i don’t know we just did because i guess for the same age and what is dead connect and then we kind of

Became good really good friends after i told her a lot of things that i wouldn’t normally tell people and she most guys say about lexi really up going yeah she’s very outgoing she’s very not sketchy doing she’s not scared of any she’s scared things but she’s not scared to do anything yeah seagal feel haunted helps yeah i like me i don’t know conscious else’s um oh

I want to show you a memory of me and lexi me alexei last year went to this high house and i am freaking like terrified of the haunted houses i don’t go my favorite clowns yet also haunted houses and she dragged me do one and i had to go in and i literally dug my nails intellect his arm because also scared and i was holding on to her so tightly that i love march on

Her for like three days oh yeah oh yeah chrono say my name it was fun for my school i’ll just say that i was awesome school that i knew and i talked to her and she didn’t tell me to the next day but that she would become i’m like oh that’s nice on me so that’s one of my best memories of lexi’s we are like this more like this so yeah that’s my best monday that’s

My best friends in description i don’t know how else you want me to describe it um so if you guys if i’d you i’m sorry again i’m born person um hope you liked the video click like if you want to subscribe you can scribe to the be a queen it’s the sky you can subscribe to the beauty queens and well there may go channel star requesting you guys can start requesting

Things you want this you want see on our channel oh another thing soon we’re gonna make a hold you actually we do nice maybe you boo oh yeah yeah so check it out bam july hmm brace face it bam yeah i don’t know that i’m dailygrace check out

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Daytana's best friends!!! By The Beauty Queens