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DAYZ GONE W/ XANI DEVITO: THE NEOSPORIN 2 HOUR SPECIAL. Hopefully we do something about these damn Rippers soon!

Okay live again hopefully it keeps me going yeah just gotta finish up this story i don’t really have much time left in my william biker boats whatever the you want to call him but you leave lost lake alone you will rest in peace what’s going on and that’s something isn’t it your word grand pooh the r.i.p hey hey we come here under a flag of truth truce my

Ass weird this is my camp my people you don’t come here with some bloodstained flag of truce and demand not from me i don’t care what you think these boys have done i don’t care why you want them all i know is you’re not getting them we had a deal no this is the deal carlos and it’s the only one you’re getting now you took your people and you get the hell out

Of lost lake but we all die together right here right now what treaty stands always has from where i’m standing carlos dude you son of a all right escort them out of my camp hey uh we threw carlos get low brother stand aside stand aside mike look i i just want to say there you go good right hand taking the lock up oh that we’ll take care get off him i

Keep trying to tell you boys something and you won’t listen this is not how we do things around here we do not barter with lives and we do not murder people in cold blood get him out of here totally we’re gonna give him a fair trial like civilized people and he’s gonna get what’s coming i’m not sorry mike i’m not god damn it i tried i tried to save his camp the

Rippers won’t stop calling he’s trying to save it by birth stop you know that was jesse yes i guess being a cult leader at the end of the world wasn’t enough to keep him busy he was after some payback as well that son of a yeah i’m guessing he’s known about us for quite some time that night at crazy willie’s that wasn’t some random ripper attack just because

It was gonna sell this out to him where’d they take him i’m gonna find him and break his neck hold up please skits over right now get your gear together some monotones all the ammunition you can carry what are you thinking and i already know it’s important that’s a bad idea but we’re going to do it anyway i need to go and get the explosives from the lodge and

Then that corpse gets those cabin meet me at the bridge i’ll explain on the way hey you good with this brother yeah oh yeah all right you there deacon come in yeah ricky i’m here hey listen i don’t have time what the hell happened i just saw them locking schizo up and i yeah good now i don’t have time to talk and carlos and all the rippers just rode out after

Everything they did yeah okay great talk to iron mike about that i will but i need to talk to you i don’t want you doing anything look ricky you are talking to me face to face deke it’s important it’s always important ricky look i gotta go deacon wait sorry ricky we’re going to talk again later all right deakin out see let’s see guy grab some from here now

I just gotta get this back to my cabin with no one seeing me once i get this back to my cabin then i’m gonna i’m gonna put a pin in it and we’ll take our revenge on carlos next episode man some crazy just happened there with the stream man that was kind of shitty wish i could finish it out on the original stream but it is what it is can’t save right now i

Think that’s because i’m on a story nope so i can’t say it right now i gotta go buy my bike did not turn it off yeah i’m not connected to anything right now okay go buy my bike so i can save i used to be a cop believe it or not and farewell come on save oh people thank you for coming out tonight i hope you all enjoyed the two hour neosporin special y’all

Better stay tuned for the dark ruffalo special that’s coming up next he’s going to be playing a fun game um i never heard of it so i can’t say much to it but i know he is going to be doing push-ups every time he dies the tally’s going to go up and i think either at the end of the episode or at the end of all of them it’ll be tallied up and he’s gotta do all

His push-ups so make sure you watch out for that and keep him on point to make sure he does all the tallies he does all the push-ups um yeah man uh next week we’re going to be not on spooky dookie boys again like i i’ve explained before um excuse me on monday we won’t be there tuesday spooky dookie boys will be there we’ll be playing a new game um frank and i

Uh we’ll also be having the trash bros finals on wednesday we’ll be here again on our channel and it’ll be frank versus vinnie the villainous vincenzo this will be a slobber knocker i think it could go all five rounds we could see someone’s honor dashed and we could see someone’s hopes um crushed and you know what i am there for it i’m ready to commentate i’m

Ready to spectate i’m ready to be a part of it um i hope you all show up because we have some good entertainment going on for you we also got a few other matches that are going to be quite entertaining definitely going to have a tag team match and probably a tag team tourney or a regular tournament as well you know we gotta fill out that two hours so y’all better

Be ready for all the entertaining we got for you um but yeah man i hope you all stick around uh just make sure to check out ruffalo coming up next uh you’ll see me next thursday man we’ll be right back here and we’ll go get a revenge on carlos uh yeah man i hope you all have a good night good luck see y’all later

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