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[Deepwoken] First Time Fighting Primadon

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All right youtube so in today’s video i will be facing off primiton for the first time i think i have flash angle and s with me this thing does require a lot of people to beat honestly but once you get good at it you can boss rate it yourself i mean obviously i can just do it solo now what can i say i’m just that guy no i’m just kidding y’all but if you haven’t

Already please subscribe to the channel if you’re new all right we’re trying to hit 200 000 subscribers by the end of the year if possible i think if i put in the correct amount of grind we can do it and like this video if you want more deep broken videos you definitely want to subscribe and not miss an upload from me because these deep broken videos are going to

Go stupid i have some stuff that you want to see all right hopefully you enjoyed the rest of the video though right now all right so hello with them all right me and cracks boy hide you out pick me up hit me up let’s go boy let’s go let’s go how’s it going bro don’t die in 20 seconds right left high power one oh god i’m good i’m good i’m good i don’t know how

That kicked me oh let’s go angle let’s go he’s different bro he’s literally different he’s lydia perry come on let’s go how long are you king i’m like 20 percent come here spot roll that i’m in a minute no okay just going bro god damn bro that slow ass roll yeah it’s weird okay nice nice nice i’ll get used to it i’ll get used to it okay roll that nice don’t

Even thank you guys i’m gonna hope is the posture broken oh come on that’s one of you guys i miss that how did that me on my side wake up i have to heal hang on first perry on the three for some reason that’s not what i told you guys you died no oh because i’m put a closer campfire no because you don’t want to get aggro over healing okay someone gets flown

Yeah i think we’re doing good hell yeah yeah we always need one on standby all right nice nice no all right i’m about to be full i’m coming back in remember just be able to keep two people up at the same time so you just get closer are we even closer no no no angle because if someone gets flung and no one’s paying attention they come in fire he’s trash oh

Crazy boys i’m literally thrilling by getting this okay can you come in i’m going i’m going i’m going i bet you’re good yeah i’m good crazy holy crap dude oh my god i’m good i’m so good i’m so good dude just die already what is this it’s cringe all right i’m seventy percent i’m about to be backing soon i gotta heal again bro no hold on bro i gotta take it he

Sent me straight down to ten percent bro i gotta take a good twitter flick i don’t care bro i’m healing i’m healing i’m healing all right i’m i’m i’m 60 i know okay all right i’m just gonna go in when i have four bars we need more than one on out at a time bro yeah we’re not gonna kill that we got three oh i mean yeah we watched it real quick that’s that big

Backing baby just spit on me flash for you i’m good i’m good man he’s a clown what the bro i gotta heal why are you walking i gotta heal sorry anyone know the time let’s just not focus on the time it’ll this let’s just not focus bro i keep getting punted bro as soon as i only punch like what type of law all right i’m about to switch out i’m about to go

Help angle i’m coming in flash yourself out my bathroom i didn’t even know punched posture break it one more time bro it’s low as i swear i’m literally one time i’m gonna heal again if you’re one time get out of there we’re six minutes in oh we’re we’re good we have to be bro okay i’m kind of alone okay i’m coming through i’m coming through yeah i don’t get

By this thing anymore i took a little bit of learning i like that hit me please i want you to please you really like that bro you really like that are you really like that dude please wait did i just hear someone coming oh no no i’m getting lost am i dead no are you playing backwards i don’t i don’t have any flynn you have to take it away from me so i don’t get

Kicked where’s crocs at i got kicked trying to pick him up wait what i’m gonna come away we’re on one yeah i don’t have any flint or anything oh rockstar is a campfire over here who’s that fighting it what’s your hp angle is good hold up yo yo quiet guys we have to light this one over here like one’s closer angles only good i’m good i’m good it should be

Low bro no i think i’m dead are you in water yes i’m oh yeah i’m probably just going to make a table i’m coming back i don’t know if i’ll make it in time bro i was not dead bro i’m saying you’re going to come through i’m not going to lie to you okay god damn bro oh crap dude i’m oh i’m gonna be knocked after this i’m knocked angle i’m about to be 60

What’s your hp 40 oh my god i’m 20 now i’m coming i’m coming back hang in there a bit more angle anybody got flinders because we’re coming back and doing it tomorrow like we have to get people here tomorrow it is now or never fish civil guy like rock lee like wait talk can’t stop me drunken fish that top speed ain’t gay

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[Deepwoken] First Time Fighting Primadon By NanoProdigy