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Deepwoken – Primidone Raid (First time)

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Discord – Blareawsome955#1123

What’s up guys uh today we’re going to be fighting the prima don well this is of course not all but what you’re going to see is you’re going to see footage of us fighting the prima don uh we didn’t know what to expect not much of us have i don’t think like any of us have actually fought it that was our first time um it was it was fun it was definitely fun uh we we

Didn’t end up beating it in this video but we did beat it right after we we tried it again and we beat it um my biggest tip uh for fighting it is just sending a little groups of people at a time and then when some of them get low swap out with them and uh yeah and enjoy the video where is it this is the legs like oh oh oh you just need to keep dpsing it

Oh my god it does so much damage i’m going crazy it hasn’t hit me oh my god i was getting already i’m getting my heavy weapon oh my god remember everything is variable besides yo it’s through me i’m going in i’m going in i need the noises they’re so intimidating bro what the is this my hp dodge i’m being chased oh it was me it was me valentine auto grip bring

It bring it over here oh it’s easy it’s easy it’s easy to keep going where is holy i need remember everything’s terrible who’s this islamic knight yeah going crazy brother valentine how did you even kill me when you were you were ragdolled i don’t know it just gave me a knife why is it chasing oh my god it picked me up and threw me yeah okay okay guys bro

This is literally like a titan bro like dodge somebody help oh carry the kids open with this bird opportunity yeah going in i’m going in he’s not just rolled over here i mean this isn’t like the idol bro i can solo kaido you don’t have morals this is like i’m actually soloing it what the i mean okay so they hit me wanted to 20 hold on i’m under half i need

A very very good javelin bro you’re just hitting another who hit me with a grand oh my god it was the blake i think oh my god i wasn’t even freaking out oh and hit me inside why are you doing that huh how are you doing come on guys we can do it we can do it again they turn around i made a campfire oh i’m going in did blue flames kill you quicker i think so yeah

Very well i’m dodging the hits but i’m parrying the kick oh my god i wonder how much hp it’s uh very easy on your body you went down by like you said you’re on your arm your arm is by yourself just holding your hammer still roll once killed people pick them up but you didn’t admit oh my god no oh my god i got okay okay okay thank god i have this election hold

On all right i’m back i legit don’t have it’s fine it’s better to be honest does so much you guys need to learn how to dodge okay yeah no i’ve only been hit a couple times by it bro what the i just got kicked across the back if you guys can try to set it at a blue frame blue flame uh campfire here’s your quicker like dodge that it’s so easy oh my god i just

Kicked on top of a mountain bro put this man on a football team or something very dead oh my god okay oh my god oh oh we stunned him once so he has to be somewhat low hey yeah yeah yeah because i think mob like this if they think oh it’s chasing whatever oh my god anytime he picks me away stop dodge that it’s so easy the kick’s easy today yeah just that yeah

It’s easy actually oh oh i hit you run run around i’m sorry i got like oh my god it’s on me i’m good enough i’m good enough we need we need more to push in we need more to push on it you gotta watch your phone everyone is running your valentine dude i’m coming i’m coming i’m coming you pick me up again i can’t even see my health that’s after me oh all right

Soon he’s gonna so we’re gonna flee we’re gonna go back soon yeah yeah we need to kill it now it’s gonna start fleeing grabbed me it flees after like 20 minutes i think i don’t know how much you bet he’s still at ninety percent help no no yeah yeah y’all have been at the campfire for way too long now come on when you’re at the campfire yo you don’t have to be

Full to go in like 70 is good i real quick oh my god the tree came out that tree let me stop recording

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Deepwoken – Primidone Raid (First time) By Blare