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Denied Temazepam Part 9 – Who’s In Charge? April 3, 2018

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Who can we reach out for help? I’ve tried ALL the supposed resources in Central Florida. Who are the first responders for mental patients?

Yes i’m the call center director here hi uh my  name is i am a current patient at the center and   getting a prescription for tenazepam which   all the resources that are available to me   i have gone to a general practice i have called an  emergency clinic i have called florida hospital i   have called aspire that was a great

Suggestion  by someone um ev every resource i have been   able to get a hint of i have followed and i’m i’m  ending back with and if he is unable to see me on   thursday and if he says that he’s uh you know  practicing his uh what is it his hippocratic   guidelines and rules that your center has  but they obviously don’t

Support my needs   okay i need my medication i understand um we just  we right now we don’t have any more appointments   cancellation that’s the best we can do is   and if we can get you in he is back to back   with appointments though let me let me downshift  i’m sorry i’m gonna downshift i’m i’m gonna bring  

Asking me you’re asking me to dilly dally   after like if i was some stupid scum drug addict  looking for a fix that is degrading i just need   the prescription because doctors have put me on  that prescription i did not choose to be on that   it for many many years and now because of   some guidelines that i’m demanding

That i go to  leesburg to see this doctor i i i find it like   like like just just too demanding of me i’m i’m i  am i guess i am bipolar you know i’m so emotional   but you have not been able to give me one possible  alternative or solution for me getting that   i can’t find one but you cannot who can   by the provider

And that’s all i can do man   we did put the request in when you had initially  requested it and the provider put in a referral   for you um but the provider has to see you and if  he doesn’t have an appointment i i don’t know what   to say other than i could send another request  over to the office this is this is great of

How   i am getting a bigger picture of how the least of  these what the bible says to the least of these   unto god to jesus but no you this is abusive   you know you give them crumbs and you think you’ve  done a good deed to society by giving crumbs   begging here i’m not begging i’m demanding   i’ve worked many

Years and this is the kind of  service i get as a member of this society i am   a u.s citizen i was born here i’m not an illegal  immigrant why why am i being treated this way   i just don’t have an appointment available   and i did reach out to the office while you were  speaking with the other young lady and they said  

They had offered you an appointment last time   people bring up previous examples when you   don’t then you don’t recall the reason why it was  on the same day i cannot make the transportation   go out there like that you i have i have to   have make arrangements and things like that i’m  not i’m not an able-bodied person

I my i don’t   sleep nights i’m disoriented you know you you you  make demands but you don’t you don’t facilitate   to my needs you don’t do things according to my  illness if i had no legs would you ask me to run   ma’am yes the best that i can do is reach out to  the office and tell them to that you’re requesting  

Can’t create an appointment that’s not there   i understand your role i am not angry with   you if you’ve noticed from my argument it’s not  against you and you’re wrong i don’t think it is   i unders i can empathize with your situation   so i i am sorry that we are not accommodating  you the way you’d like i don’t know

What else   that’s fine i don’t have anywhere to put i don’t  know what the thing is the real problem is it’s   like when i call uh if i call a doctor a regular  general practice doctor with with a private   practice and you call and you say that you don’t  have a prescription but your next appointment is   on this day

Or whatever they send electronically  a refill they don’t give you this harassment i’m   not going to beg i will go i understand it’s not  it’s not up to me though it’s up to the provider   and i can only and i can only tell you what’s  doing i i might be you know paranoid conspiracy   theory or whatever i’m just speculating you

Know  i i speculate on experience i’m 46 years old   not available it’s really not an issue of   availability they can squeeze you in sometimes  some doctors schedule two people from this for   the same time slot which they’re not supposed  to do but they do it they can squeeze you in   i’m i’m well aware of how some of

These things  are i’m getting old i’ve been going to doctors   astonished surprised just i don’t know  just not dumbfounded about how the center   has refused to meet my need i am not a drug dealer  i am not selling abusing or anything this drug   what is the big deal the lady from from sally  supposedly her name was sally

Told me that you you   no that’s not true you know and then she tells   me that you know doctors can jeopardize their  license by issuing this controlled substance   well they can stop they can stop but then they  need to taper me off the medication because i   this i don’t want to take this nobody nobody   in the

Center can do anything you guys are all  impotent you’re all like powerless you can’t do   anything you’re like little robots doing your  jobs but nobody can find solutions to anything   nobody does nobody they pass they’re passing you  along pass you along pass you along i think you   all want to get rid of me i i’m troublesome

I know  i need my medication if you have any authority or   influence in any way i don’t know what you can  do to get me my medication and if you can’t do   anything then i’m wasting my time here and it’s  just hot air coming out of my mouth talking to you   no i can’t get your medication i can only request  from the office

That’s all you do you can’t you   can’t do anything that’s why who can i talk to  the the lady from referral she can’t do anything   works are y’all wanting me to get you are   the system of getting into the hospitals   deliberately participating in this process   my silence is because i’ve told you what i am 

Able to do and we’ve been on the phone for quite   some time now and we’ve told you that you can if  you want i mean i can’t prevent you from walking   into the office but if that’s what you want to do  walk into the office i cannot do anything for you   there are no appointments available i told you i  could reach out to the

Office and see if they can   make an accommodation you continue to have me stay  on the phone and you keep telling me i’m not able   to do anything i’m telling you because what is it  that you’re wanting me to do what is it that you’d   like me to do i wish you could tell me who is the  person in charge to get me my prescription

I don’t   care about appointments doctor is the provider you  would need to see and he’s and i told you that he   is booked on thursday but i could go and let them  know ma’am we can go on and on and i refuse to do   this anymore okay let’s end it i agree this is not  it’s not being progressive but okay points before  

We leave number one point that your department  does not offer solutions to situations like mine   situation is a prescription i wish you do not have   control over the prescription the doctor writes  it if the doctor says he’s not going to write the   prescription there is nothing i can do about it so  please don’t tell me

I’m not giving you a solution   i am not the doctor i do not make i i cannot write  you a prescription i can send an encounter to the   provider and the provider tells me what he will  or will not do and we’ve shared that with you and   you’ve spoken with the office and this has been  going on and on and on but i’m trying to

Get it   now this is not the first conversation we’ve had  you’ve had you spoke endlessly with the office   you’ve expressed how you feel and now you’re now  now you’re telling me that i’m not doing anything   for you so if i’m not doing anything for you what  is it that you’d like me to do tell me who can   write a

Prescription you said the doctors i told  you dr valente and and i’m not going to continue   i will send out the information to the office   and i’ll have the office get in touch with you  red flags what role does the supervisor play in  resolving problems if the scheduling department   is the only point of contact for patients

The  department needs to be equipped with solutions   duties how did i offend her i’m desperate   the inner compass initiative provides resources  tools in a community of peers to facilitate more   and to support others around the world who   diagnosis and drugs old man on the mountain   needed antidote to the

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For and walk with those going   i let you push me past the breaking  point i stood for not a thing

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Denied Temazepam Part 9 – Who's In Charge? April 3, 2018 By Still Becoming