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Denise Richards treats an enlarged thyroid after fans noticed it on TV l GMA

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The actress sent a thank-you to viewers who noticed her thyroid looked unusually large when watching her on TV. LEARN MORE:

I’m a cover story now that health scare for denise richards thanks to sharp-eyed viewers the real housewives of beverly hills star learned that she has an enlarged thyroid and decided to do something about it diane macedo has their story for us this morning denise richards the actress known for 90s cult classics like drop-dead gorgeous wild things you can and

Starship troopers pilot training banias reporting for duty man is now opening up about a recent health scare after eagle-eyed fans spotted an enlarged thyroid while richards was on bravo’s real housewives of beverly hills reunion the 48 year-old mother of three writes on social media a few of you pointed out after the real housewives of beverly hills reunion that

My thyroid was enlarged you were right it was something i ignored until pointed out enlarged thyroid can sometimes indicate graves disease hashimoto’s disease or even thyroid cancer in richards case she says she cut gluten from her diet and although there’s no evidence linking the consumption of gluten to thyroid activity she says she’s already seeing a positive

Change but it’s not the first time tv watchers have come to the rescue earlier this year inside edition’s deborah norville underwent surgery after a viewer spotted an abnormal lump on her neck the anchor later revealed it was a cancerous lump and in 2013 flipper flops tarek el moussa underwent treatment for stage 3 thyroid cancer after a nurse who was watching the

Show email to warn about a lump on his throat now richards is expressing gratitude to her fans i thank all of you who sent me messages and our thanks as i am macedo dr. jenn ashton is here now let’s take another look at the picture of denise richards and you can see that there her thyroid is clearly enlarged take us through what a thyroid is and what it does so let’s

Go to some mini med school robin the thyroid is a tiny butterfly shaped gland it’s a it’s part of our endocrine system it located in the neck right here in the middle of the neck this is about a normal size you know in terms of scale it is the major hormonal regulator for our entire body it gets signals from the brain it regulates our metabolism body but your energy

Level you name it so it’s a major it’s a major part of our endocrine system hers is enlarged and it happens from time to time why does that happen okay slew of reasons for this but it is a good observation to make when you look at someone sometimes the thyroid can become of large enlarged for benign reasons temporary it doesn’t require any treatment other times

It could be because the thyroid is under active overactive there can be infections there there can be cancer there so this is a perfect example of someone saying i’m not sure what’s going on but you might want to get that checked out and being receptive to hearing about that because that kind of observation can potentially be life-saving and we have heard that

From time to time people will spot that right exactly seamus decided to go gluten-free and said that is helping her but is there anything medically linked to that so here’s the thing with diet and thyroid it’s not ready for primetime yet we reached out to a number of thyroid experts yesterday they said there is really limited anecdotal data that supports that a

Gluten-free diet can help thyroid i want to be crystal clear here going gluten-free or changing your diet in any way can help you feel better for sure and as long as it does no harm medically i’m all for it but if you have a significant thyroid condition that needs traditional medical management sometimes with an endocrinologist but again i’m all about connecting

The body part to the rest of the bodies and diet is a big part of it that’s it alright jen thanks so much well hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from gma every day anytime we thank you

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Denise Richards treats an enlarged thyroid after fans noticed it on TV l GMA By Good Morning America