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Dentist Anchorage AK, No Pain Dentistry, Dr. Terry Preece

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Dr. police there’s this thing out there a sedation dentistry we’re basically i don’t know painless dentistry whatever it may be cold but we many of us have a confusion that we like unconscious like with a bendix operation or are we what’s happening then are you doing it yes the dacian dentistry involves lots of different things in different levels and it depends

On the dentist’s level of training and expertise as to what they can do most of the oral surgeons for instance have the capability of doing iv sedation and putting a person totally to sleep like when you have an operation in the hospital but i myself practice what we call oral conscious sedation in which the patient comes in and receives a couple of pills we use

Triazolam which is a cousin to valium it takes about an hour hour and a half for the pills to work and it makes the patient very groggy and and relaxed sometimes we use nitrous oxide gas with along with that to help but the nice part about it is is a patient’s calmer the it’s easier to work on them they’re more relaxed the appointment seems to go faster we may be

There for two or three hours and it might seem like a half hour to the patient and the real nice part is the next day they don’t remember very much of what happened there’s an amnesia effect so if something did bother them then the next day they wouldn’t remember it so they wouldn’t be scared and worried about their their future dental appointments so it’s it’s been

A real boon to dentistry into my practice to be able to offer that to patients it’s definitely a lot of patients who normally wouldn’t receive dentistry has been able to come in and have things done with sedation wow so what you’re saying is you know but basically you can do a lots more dentistry 3 4 5 6 70 if you can do a bunch of implants a bunch of clowns or a

Couple two three four root canals if needed i mean whatever it is simply because you can work on it on the patient foot for two three and four hours rather than the patient having to come back four or five and six times do get the same amount of work done exactly wow i mean just in time alone or whatever sedation dentistry costs that must be well worth it nevermind

I mean you know never mind if you have all the time in the world financially independent having a lots of time who wants to sit six times in a dental office if you can get it over with one shaft and as you said it doesn’t feel like you weigh in there for six to three or four or five six hours right right time goes lots faster that way yeah because i mean i guess

Even though you know like dentistry really doesn’t hurt anymore very much you know you guys know how to keep injections wonderful and you even you know breen um that comes before before you put the injection it so there’s really no banging wolfpack there still is that sitting there and having that mouth open for an hour or two and you know you look at the ceiling

And and and and if you kind of start counting sheeps you know and there’s oasis are you saying that that sedation dentistry awards start in time just twice yes yes and especially if they’re listening to some relaxing music or something it’s not near as traumatic forum so then works out well so are the patients during that time you know if you ask them a question

We could they respond to either they are they are they yes and that and that’s an important thing they they can they still have all their natural reflexes or swallowing reflexes and things like that so it’s a much safer than having a person put out completely you know because they’re still conscious and that’s the you don’t want to have them so sedated that they

Lose those reflexes so they can still answer questions they don’t necessarily the next day remember talking to you and you can’t really give them any instructions because they won’t remember it but you they at the moment can tell you if they if they’re hurting if they need more anesthetic or if they need to get up and go to the restroom or if they need to just

Close their mouth because it’s tired so they can communicate with you wow well that tells like almost a wonderful thing i guess yes considering that you are in a dental office must be kind of like difficult sometimes for you then just to kind of a patient sitting in a chance saying i hate coming to you and yes you know i’ve no choice and yet are very happy because

I’m having it too fake and iii got to come to you and yet i hate to come to you kind of the economy yeah you know you know it’s not like buying a new car i love it you know mean it slightly oh my god it’s like and then dennis have to have thick skins and good self-esteem to get through it right right but those that asian vendors to seems to be something which is

Helping in not everything just is doing that right that’s correct correct you have to have some extra training after dental school and extra courses to offer it safely because that’s the number one thing you want to make sure the patient always is safe and you don’t want to do anything that would harm them so and so with that training that helps to accomplish that

What wonderful oh it sings a lot dr. breeze i’m sure this is good information for the people up there to know that does i personally would like the fact that you know if you have a whole bunch of work to do and say well can we knock this out in an afternoon i come at 9i walk home at four o’clock and you know maybe have a taxi waiting for me or whatever it may be

And let’s go home and that that’s it that’s the end of it i’m done sounds like a great thing to me it is it’s a it’s a blessing good bye bye

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Dentist Anchorage AK, No Pain Dentistry, Dr. Terry Preece By DrTerryPreece