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Depressed? Sometimes drugs ARE the answer!

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When it comes to mental health, there’s a huge variety of methods and treatments to choose from, and we all have our opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

I was ready to make more videos about mindset, philosophy, and meditation. and get artistic shots from my favorite places around the city. after having a pretty normal year compared again thrown into lockdown with millions but like a lot of things that seem really bad at the time, there was about three months ago at the beginning of lockdown, i had to go and so he prints

Out a piece of paper and he hands it to me and this is a test meant to measure your psychological distress. and there’s some very specific questions like “how often have “how often have you felt like everything is an effort?” five, with one being none of the time and five being all of the time. and then he says, “well, numbers don’t really mean everything on i never

Would have considered myself depressed because i can but the truth is i have been struggling with energy and motivation for awhile. i just feel like lying in bed all day and scrolling on my phone. and i said, “before i go, i noticed from that test that i’ve do you think it’s possible that i just have trouble focusing and and as he was saying it, he kind of realized how

Morbid that sounded as and he said, “if you’d like, we could try medication.” a day of escitalopram, also known as lexapro or cipralex. like when you hear a song or you smell something that reminds you of your i’d spent all this time studying meditation and spirituality like there’s barely a problem to deal with in the first place. i thought that my last video would

Simply say, “go pop this already done likely paved the way for this quick transformation. i’d already learned to calm my mind and observe my thoughts and emotions exact same set of circumstances that i did in my life the week before. i was still stuck at home in lockdown unable to see my friends. of these things would have made me feel sick to my stomach. through your

Day on four hours of sleep versus eight hours of sleep. you’re impatient with others, you’re highly sensitive, and the with a full night’s rest, the exact same set of challenges are no big deal. i’m more energized, motivated, and capable of taking on the it was also crushing my libido, and it’s often used as a prescription so then i switched over to brintellix also known

As vortioxetine and i still to the medication, but since then i’ve had no side effects whatsoever. to them differently, so you might need to try a few different ones before you you also have to be careful about coming off of them. but most importantly, antidepressants won’t solve any of the underlying it won’t help you overcome past traumas or build promising futures.

And learning and asking myself, “what can i do to improve my mind?” be taking to improve our mental health if we’re swimming in depression. diet, or getting more exercise, but you just don’t feel like it. and you don’t feel like taking the steps and if taking medication is the first step that will set off a domino effect finally, i want to talk about our attitude towards

Drugs and mental health. then i know other people that don’t want to take antidepressants if i take antidepressants, how do i know who the real me is? i’m a scientific, rational person, so i’ll never try meditation. and suddenly the mental health landscape begins to look like two opposing sides. these are all just attitudes in the mind, and you have the power to choose,

But i often think of these decisions as forks in the road, where one you’ve been down that road before, you know how it goes, nothing changes. maybe antidepressants and meditation won’t do anything for you. you may have all the reasons in the world not to try meditation or stay in one place and do things the way you’ve always done them. so for me, i don’t choose to

Identify as scientific or spiritual. mindful of when my ego is getting in the way of saying the more we get in tune with how our mindsets, egos, and opinions are holding your entire reality is shaped by your mind, and you have the power to choose so with that in mind, i hope this video new, because the only metric that matters is whether you’re living your life in on the conscious experience.

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Depressed? Sometimes drugs ARE the answer! By The Conscious Experience