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Desoxyn Legal Meth! What is it used for?

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You might not realize this but doctors in the u.s actually prescribe meth doctors in the u.s prescribe meth it’s called disoxen now disoxen is actually a drug that is prescribed by doctors for people with adhd and obesity it is actually methamphetamine if you read the bottle it says methamphetamine on it and here’s what it actually does for those that have adhd if

You’re new to the channel hit the like and subscribe button what’s up guys my name is eric i’m not a doctor i’m not a counselor i’m none of that i am diagnosed with adhd ptsd gad mddd lost a wife and a father suicide i’m a recovering cocaine alcoholic addict i like to share all my experiences and everything that i’ve been through just to help other people know

That they’re not going through life alone does soccer it is legalized meth it is not a drug that i’ve ever been put on because adderall is actually the drug that works best for me and this is where so many people now begin to feel that adderall and meth are the same drug they are not they are drugs that actually help with our dopamine it helps with our focus and

It affects our brain so that we are not a cluster of thoughts of overwhelmingness that we can’t get anything done and if you don’t struggle with adhd you don’t realize that there are a lot of people out there that are a prisoner to their thoughts because there are so many of them that to try and even be functioning through the day is extremely difficult i mean if

You have untreated adhd you’re not constantly getting anything done you’re constantly distracted you lose focus non-stop it adds to your depression it makes you very anxious and it really sets you back a lot in life i mean a lot of people with learning disabilities and so forth adhd is a battle now dysoxide is a drug that is methamphetamine and adderall are very

Different and how it is is how it hits your brain now methamphetamine it passes through the brain blood barrier that is one of the big differences between adderall and methamphetamines adderall is out of amphetamine salts now amphetamine salts actually are going to go through your system and to hit your brain where disoxidant is going to hit your brain a lot

Quicker a lot harder and a lot faster what it does though is we all react differently to drugs every drug in everybody our genealogy if you get one of those genealogy reports and you do the swab you’ll see that different drugs will metabolize in your system differently and that is part of the reason of why there are such a variety of different medications out

There ritalin for example is something i was prescribed ritalin did a great job for my adhd it helped me focus in but it dropped me too quickly it processed out of my system too fast where adderall stays in my system for as long as that i need to pretty much be a functioning adult i take it 10 milligrams in the morning and i take 10 milligrams in the afternoon

Not a high dosage and it allows me to be very functioning at work very functioning in my personal life and actually be a functioning well put together i would say adult disoxen is a drug that helps treat those that some of those meds don’t work for per se or they drop you too quickly or they’re not hitting your system and allowing you to focus in enough there is

About 16 000 prescriptions for this road a year and it is something that your doctors they’re not necessarily going to prescribe right away it’s not the go-to adhd medication unfortunately it’s brought a stigma into adhd meds because everyone now says that adderall and all this is all meth it’s all the same it’s not and how drugs do hit your system does effect

On how it perceives make you high or how it actually affects your body so that it allows to do its job the other thing with this toxin is it is there to treat obese um individuals if you go into a doctor they do prescribe it for that also because one of the side effects to a lot of these amphetamines is a loss of appetite it is something that i actually struggle

With with adderall is a loss of appetite i have to set a pretty much alarms to remind myself when to eat because if i don’t eat next thing you know i literally forget about it and i get to the point that i’m so hungry that i’m cranky i’m upset i’m irritable and i’m wondering why and then i realized well i’ve skipped all my meals so that is a side effect of the

Drug and sometimes side effects can be used to our benefits i mean there are side effects too of hypersexuality hyposexuality so there’s a lot of different side effects that go into the drugs don’t be ashamed of what you are prescribed though and that’s the sad part about it when it comes to any drug that you’re prescribed don’t be ashamed of it i have taken

Meth and not through the desoxin form i took it uh the illegal form and snorted a couple lines because i used to be a cocaine addict and people would pass it off as cocaine and i did notice that when i took it it didn’t make me high it made me focused in it made me irritated but i could tell that my brain functioned differently than what a lot of people’s brains

Did and that’s the thing is what sets us apart is how our brains function caffeine with a lot of people with adhd it slows you down stimulants slow us down it affects our brain differently where it actually slows us down instead of speeds us up i can drink a pot of coffee and i can go take a nap where some people drink a pot of coffee and they can’t go to bed that

Night they’re staying up to one two in the morning that is one of the ways that you can easily find out if you are adhd or not is how caffeine does affect you but also going in with your doctor and getting diagnosed properly with it because adhd does mirror some other things such as autism uh bipolar one those are a couple of the different diagnosis out there

That somewhat overlap they do have some similarities to them get with a doctor though and don’t be afraid of the meds i mean disoxen is going to do the same thing that adderall does and does it increase your heart rate yes it does increase your heart rate do you have side effects of possible dry mouth loss of appetite there are certain side effects to it but the

Big thing is the benefit that you get from it where your thoughts are no longer like fireworks going off in your brain and all over the place where you can’t focus you can’t you can’t even try to adult you forget everything you miss appointments you lose track of time there’s so much where it puts you back more into the moment and the big thing is too is don’t

Get over the counter or don’t get uh street corner meth that is not prescribed that is not pharmaceutical grade and it is not there for the intended purposes of what disoxen is uh disoxen though is a medication prescribed don’t judge people by what they’re prescribed from and if your doctor does prescribe you to toxin ask them why ask them what the effects are

Of it and make sure that you’re very knowledgeable of it it isn’t a pill form it’s taken as prescribed you’ve got to follow your doctor’s directions on it immediately and just like when it comes to meth and it comes to a lot of these different stimulant drugs they do have addictive tendencies to them now i can tell you this as somebody with adhd when i stop taking

My ideal roll i don’t go through any kind of withdrawals the biggest withdrawal i go through when i stop taking my adderall is that i can’t focus on anything and give it a couple days i start to really get depressed i get to very irritated with myself because i’m not getting anything done i find myself wasting time i find myself wasting days and that alone is a

Struggle and a challenge in itself so realize that when you are prescribed something taking it as prescribed communicating with your doctor that’s what it’s all about communication communication communication let them know how it affects you let them know the positive sides the negative sides and it is trial and error when it comes to medication there’s a lot

Of different drugs out there when it comes to adhd some are stimulants and some are not stimulants and it’s just it’s finding the right one that works for you i’m very very pro-medicine i’ve been to therapy since i was 13 on and off for different things and i’ve been diagnosed throughout my life with different uh diagnosis such as general anxiety disorder and

Major depressive disorder it is okay to go and ask for help and where that all begins is if you feel like you’re struggling if you feel like you might be adhd talk to your family talk to your friends and talk to a therapist the worst thing that you can ever do is diagnose yourself online through tick tock through youtube through webmd get with a therapist get

A diagnosis and start to understand what it is you’re going through start to understand what kind of healthy coping techniques there are for it and then if medications needed be understanding that hey these meds are tools for me to use to be helpful in life it’s not a hindrance you’re not a burden you’re not broken you’re not damaged you’re none of that you’re

Amazing so don’t give up so yeah there is legalized meth out there it’s called the soxin it is something that is prescribed to individuals and it’s something that some individuals they make it through the day a little bit better and a lot easier because of it so remember judgment it sucks don’t judge others we’re all going through our own battles sometimes we’re

Vocal about it sometimes we’re not but most of all remember that you matter hit that like and subscribe button love to hear your comments love to hear your experiences because that’s what it’s all about not going through life alone

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