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Desyrel Man and God

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How I record my music

I’m jason brown a creator in the soil project doesn’t real i’m always getting a lot of questions as to how i actually put together my music and from guitars bass drums vocals hosted the whole suzanne so we use a technique called attracting for a lot of people in student home engineers and stuff like that that you know don’t quite understand it yet just layer and

Check with the track any case i’m gonna kind of go through it show you what i do and also kind of give you a little bit of taste of a song i’m working on called man and god so and at first you know it’s like i’m not using anything real special i play on dean guitars as dean vedetta i playing a drop a tune with some baritone guitar so i’m playing pretty low i use

A digit 8 what the effect pedals right now i got a rp 355 which has a usb sound card in it so i can do direct recording and my current recording machine which is someone else’s laptop so recording abilities are somewhat limited at the moment in any case first program i use for recording is called habit you get this program of cabinet that’s wwf net and what i like

About tabot is that you can write out all your tracks on the atty blazer and you can put in as many instruments as you want really it’s all midi for them so it sounds kind of cheesy but you get the idea now i’ll either write my guitar tracks on to get taller or on tab it or i’ll be jamming out something depending on how i come up with my guitar case so first i’m

Going to show you this new rib and we’re going to take from there it’s pretty simple riff i’m using kind of a delay effect with i believe it’s a flanger this real light real light sound and this is what it sounds like when you put together and it’s that rift just repeats itself i got that turned out my bomb on that one a little bit storing some what ok so after i

Write my r if i write it down on tab it now this is where i can build my drum tracks and figure out exactly how long with the drums to be played so i’ll plug write it all down get my song structure but it together the way i want right lyrics to it i’ll do all this on tap this were the main focus to my efforts come from i want to put it all together kind of sounds

Something like this i growing at all okay so that’s the first program i use and after i’m done with that and i’ll go on to my next program which i use program public houska beat craft now what i like about this is that this is where i build my finals are on track and this the drum track that you will hear on my record music yes i can’t play drums no i do not play

Them on the stuff you hear but i do not write anything on a drum track that i can’t play myself so everything you hear yes i can’t play unfortunately i don’t have my drum set with so i’ll actually play with the drum sounds get it mixed get it looped the way i want so that way i have proper sounds and then i can build it in build my patterns into the proper structure

So when i throw all that together oh come on some something like this oh i so that’s it for the drum track after i’m done building the entire drum track gonna move on to a different program called vegas 6 another by sony real good use it to the edit video is pretty much anything you want i like it because you do unlimited these are unlimited audio tracks to be

Reported at the exact same time you can also do mobile vista effects and many other things the only thing i don’t like about it is you can’t put in put meat into it so but anyway we done saved the file for the drunk track it’s already on here and here that my tracks is already aren’t full record so now all i have to do is actually recording by itself that’s what

We’re going to do we’re going to start late layering in the tracks you okay so that’s the first track now we’re going to do the next track we’re just going to be the distorted guitar and we’re just going to do the same thing yet this time the notation is a little slightly on it all business simple oh alright so are the story tracks done now i’m gonna do is drag

It out of the way i can i should yeah all right last track is the base well i know when i use for a racetrack r / face sounds i started out as a bass player like that for about 10 years so little my name is there any way i like having nicely distorted bass okay let’s uh get just cranking it’s the same the station this guitar all right and that’s it and this is

What it sounds like put all together play alright so that’s it um yeah i hope you this track done pretty soon um just hit me back if y’all have any questions or suggestions or anything like

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Desyrel "Man and God" By DesyrelProject