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Deuteromycetes,Kingdom fungi, Red rot of sugarcane,ringworm,cyclosporine A immunosuppressive agent

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Hello students today we are going to discuss an important class of kingdom fungi that is deutero my cities are imperfect fungi this fungus co imperfect yeah improper from discography kooky can the sexual reproduction nanny volta to secure the production mnemonic a current is from the spa imperfect fungus casa fire and there are approximations of this fungus or

Year fungus mainly terrestrial air by the speak wood species water may be tied up in hand and the mycelium of this fungus is septic for the schedule – hair this is – one the cell – – and the cross wall called septa though is were they say is scheduled mycelium and that is sept 8 all it is having uni nucleate condition in the – and it’s secured production is by

Fragmentation budding and cornelia and it’s cell wall is also made of of chitin so these are some general characters of deutero my cities or if fragmentation say budding say or cone idea say reproduce hota hai or ischemia spores and they are generally non flagellate he is kb spores per se geelong danny paille java all of india water carry forward courageous am

Sexual reproduction konopka starting rebola his may absent wrap an oregon state samples given current to his make watch both important example say for need examination jessica trichophyton a little more fight on on microsporum yet teen category fungus key call scotty hi disease ring for yeah fk + 12 kenda be tra 11 p.m. the bdi and oppressive also important for

Neat examination kill ring form k under each intern emily ground yeah oval shaped cake structure sponge at a hot spot or yes input damaged birthday hey and this is known as ring form and it is caused by trichophyton epidermal fight on and microsporum though is the ek say rain light itching red color area develop or japan skincare part just gota tribe brain bomb

The next category is fusarium age of fungus a fusarium yay leaves could damage kirti hair very thin piscotty hair vascular stransky jana give xylem taco yet character satya plant k organ commonly problem 30 happen anime grandma cotton candle coriander may cocoon birkin the pv or tomato me so very link oscar mikey fusarium the next is jibraan of ugq ride again most

Important for need examination kooky a chimera pass plant growth on moon head jobrani just squat 10th or 11th dono classes me parte yerger plant co-broker van ahead toss kelly ayotte party a gibran aunty or gibran an egg both important plant growth regulator hair just cubana t have fungus ship rena few gq awry or yell fungus rice / bee attack katia so children a

Few gq right produces the plant growth hormone battleship resin the next test called don’t become fog a town which causes red wrote off sugar cane too heavy pot important hair neat exam kelly a on previous years made cream chocolate questionnaire till red rod of sugarcane can see from the scottie a to call heat or tree come fall katom his kippa leaf spot

Disease of rice is caused by help in toast podium or i say to him in toast poor iam for i say effects the rise the next is circus pora course tonita and circus para la i do paula and it causes the car disease of grounded to hear tone up with java pass important nanny but read wrote of sugar cane and gibran a few g karai it is most important and even the microsporum

Epidermal fight on and trichophyton the next is alternaria shalini which causes early blight of potato and it also harms the tomato plant – potato or tomato boo dono coconut katya alternaria soul any the next year’s trichoderma fungus which produces and immunosuppressive agent the immunosuppressive agent cyclosporine eco banoffee have fungus trichoderma polysporin

But of kali trichoderma a broccoli j2 trichoderma produces cyclosporine a which act as immunosuppressive agent to trichoderma cogito tree come zabrina and trichophyton capital no fight on hand microsporum hill most most exam important example say for neat exam for class 12 exams and even for class xi for info bridge could be a charcoal nenita sucked a i got a

Board exams but never they shuffle after a neat cup paper than ever than hand too neat gilja yes sir be examples most importantly and they belongs to the category do taro my sweeties and thus butera my cities is called imperfect fungus because they do not have say draw the production thank you

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Deuteromycetes,Kingdom fungi, Red rot of sugarcane,ringworm,cyclosporine A immunosuppressive agent By virat’s Biology For NEET and Academics