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Dexamethasone for Covid-19: Can it save lives, should I take it?

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And welcome all to dr. luke on call the channel where we share accurate medical information to all communities i’m lucas cole berger and i believe that it’s because of a lack of knowledge that our people perish today we have a hot topic to discuss as you can see dick samantha sohn yesterday there was a discussion on bbc about this drug that could really help

In curve it and can help save lives i think it’s very very important that we look at the facts before we get to that i want to thank everyone has commented on the previous videos to kathy as always to sue everybody around the world and for all the new viewers welcome i really hope you’re going to enjoy this and that you will learn something from this video

Okay dexamethasone important to know this is a very very old rag it’s also a very cheap drug so yes if we can use it it’s very cost-effective but we’ve got to look at what it is do we know about this and indeed many of the patients in kovat have already been treated with this medication the challenge that we as doctors had from the beginning is that how do we

Treat patients with corticosteroids because we must remember the dexamethasone is a corticosteroid the colicchio steroids reduces inflammation okay how does it reduce inflammation it reduces inflammation because it suppresses your immune response okay so now this is a bit of a catch-22 because you want a stronger immune response so in the beginning of any viral

Disease or any infection you want to immune system your killer cells remove ii spoke about your amazing immune system cd4 cells and macrophages the police cars that pick up all the viruses and all the bugs you want them to be very active and you want them to stop the infection the problem is if it really overreacts you can get a situation where the immune system

Of the body becomes a problem to the body and you get a condition called a cytokine storm where the immune response is really overactive and the patient struggles it’s the same thing in energies you could higher energy levels for what may be dust or cats or dogs or pollen and what do they give you they give you corazon inhaled corazon for asthma spray corazon

For your nose for allergies or sometimes even corazon tablets but it needs to be used in short doses and not at a very high dose because it actually suppresses your immune system so what are the side effects of cortisone is specifically what the side effects are taken nixa methods are it will suppress your immune system as discussed it will give you increased

Fluid retention increased appetite increased hair growth and acne increased sweating increased sugar levels which can cause diabetes in the long run mood changes trouble sleeping and they actually quite a few more but we’re not going to go into all of them now so that doesn’t look so good and that is exactly the point that i want to make it takes a methos and we

Don’t want to give it to everybody because it can cure cure kovat it cannot cure covered it’s a core design that suppresses your immune response ok but why this big fuzzy particle medicine why do they put it on bbc why does the prime minister of the uk speak about it and almost held it as this wonder drug because they’ve done a study and the results of the study

Came out very very interesting results of the study i’m going to discuss it with you just now and that study showed that in certain patients there’s actually a reduced mortality rate and that was why they were talking about the drug so where do we use big samantha’s own in covert 19 it is for the very ill patient so the patient that’s on oxygen therapy or the

Patient that’s on a ventilator it needs to help prevent the cytokine storm or the overactive immune response that will cause your body to react in an abnormal way and actually cause damage to yourself it will treat the inflammation especially in those hospitalized patients okay so what did this study show they gave it to quite a high number of patients over a

Thousand patients in the patients that weren’t on oxygen they actually had a 2% increased mortality rate so there were two percent more mortalities in their patients with gobert 19 that weren’t on oxygen in the study group in the hospital in the patients that were on oxygen they had a five percent less mortality rate so that’s important that’s significant in the

Patients that were on a ventilator so that icu patients this was quite significant 14% less mortalities okay so this is what the big issue is about those patients that have had the disease for longer than seven days they’ve been admitted now they’ve had all their blood tests done they were on oxygen that wasn’t enough eventually have to go on the ventilator they

Get their blood they get their blood thinning medication because we know about the high blood clot risk they get the antiviral medication they get a whole lot of things and they still don’t respond they were given the cortisone and they actually saw a significant reduction in mortality rate so that’s really the real issue is okay so what does it mean to you and

To me it’s not for the 85 percent of people with mild infection that can stay at all those people need the immune systems to function properly so they don’t want to suppress the immune system because that is what dexamethasone does that’s what all collisions do they suppress your immune system so there are not for those people so the majority of the population

Will not have to or should not use dexamethasone because they can develop all these side-effects which is definite what we don’t want so i hope that’s made it clear that it’s not a wonder drug it’s definitely a drug that can help save lives in those very critical patients so i want you to understand where this fits in ultimately we still rely on our immune

Systems to beat the virus so you need to rest you need to get a little bit of sun take your zinc make sure you have fruit and veg for your vitamin c make sure you look after yourself wear a mask in public to not infect others make sure you wash your hands those basic guidelines are still going to be the mainstay and still going to be the most important thing if

You have any questions on dexamethasone or treatment please leave them in the comments and now for the question of the day what is the purpose of dexamethasone what does it try to achieve in the patient’s body if you enjoyed the video please hit the like button it makes a big difference that other people also see and learn subscribe to the channel if you haven’t

Yet and remember stay safe and stay healthy

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Dexamethasone for Covid-19: Can it save lives, should I take it? By DrLuke onCall