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Dexamethasone Lifesaver for COVID-19?

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Dexamatizone is a steroid hormone what comes to mind when you read this no no no this is not the same as anabolic steroids the one which arnold schwarzenegger have used back in the day nope but guess no more dexamethasone just like hydrocortisone and prednisone are corticosteroids which means they are man-made drugs that imitate natural hormones from the

Adrenaline gland hormones by the way are molecules that instruct our cells on how to act like a director to an actor a gas dexa medicine hydrocortisone prednisone these drugs are anti-inflammatory and weaken your immune system this is why they are used in covet patients when the virus enters the body our immune system protect us but sometimes over acts and so

Dexa medicine help ease this overreaction a life saver indeed since they’re all corticosteroids they all look alike in chemical structure with minor differences this is what steroids looks like this is dexa medicine hydrocortisone prednisone see the difference because of that they have different potency wait wrong spelling i’m referring to this potency in

Layman’s term the power to make a drug effect with minimum amount if we arrange them in order from least to highest potency hydrocortisone will be the weakest and dexa medicine will be the strongest according to researchers prednisone is four to five times more potent than hydrocortisone it has longer duration of action in the body around 12 hours meanwhile

Dexametazone is 40 to 50 times stronger than hydrocortisone imagine 40 to 50 times it also stays way longer in the body 24 hours baby there was hope once positive results were seen in the united kingdom clinical trial the chance of that sentence for severely ill patients was reduced by 33 percent wanted of the pie these outcome were specific to those being

Helped by mechanical ventilator the so-called robot lungs in another part of that hospital study dexa medicine reduced 20 patient expiration for those being supported by oxygen tank dexamethasone does not cure covet what it does is help covet patients fight the inflammatory chaos of the immune system brought about by the careless virus patients can survive

Either by drinking the tablet form or by taking injection of 6 milligrams in amount per day this is given for up to 10 days mind you they are no candies just for grab because there are consequences of abrupt withdrawal here is what will happen if all of a sudden you stop taking hydrocortisone or predaton or dexa medicine fatigue feeling too tired pain in

Abdomen diarrhea nausea vomiting appetite loss losing weight weakness now in order to remember within seconds we can be guided by this sentence each word is called for the bad effects father patrick did not approve lollipop weed each word is code for the bad effects father is code for fatigue patrick will help you recall the side effect pain did s for diarrhea

Not represents nausea vomiting approve gives you hint for appetite loss lollipop reminds you of losing weight weed is to weakness this can be life threatening in other cases so please it needs doctors monitoring and guidance you

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Dexamethasone Lifesaver for COVID-19? By Dianne Ulanday