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Dexamethasone Uses & Side Effect Of Self Medication In Covd 19 by Dr Mian Owais Khalil

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Critically ill patient the patient wendy rate repairing as you know my oxygen keep coming here unlock elliott both a chi or murphy lead to a drug was up with organ dexamethasone so for the cheap dragon to dexamethasone whenever basically it is a corticosteroid or jessicaho pathetic ago steroid a warm doctors a consulting keep a gyroscope description giving a disco

System all the he car septic because it’s capozzi other side effect an england major oxford university my study will begin critically ill patient baby those are low coming study you just may say the patient ventilator but they wouldn’t make joe death rate above forty say 28% that come or joe logan oxygen be committee for 25% say 20% uncle a trade come who are so

Basically you get your dexamethasone a steroid or you both the other disease may is the mall honorable integer second dermatological disorders and respiratory problems where asthama and many many other disease it has many many side effects like it increases your blood pressure and also increase your blood glucose level it also increases your appetite yeah people

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Of coke over nineteen for the widest of all effect occurs again so please it’s medicine committee request a capella self-medication mathis tamale jaga you see the roger says application a makita push the impeller videos logo give ira or logan is cooked bean association opponent doctors i consulted kiev care of the physicians are consulting here we had is custom

All cannot start katya yo son amakura it is basically a legs active drug joke caboose k least one menelik both braun it regret it is also used as a irritable bowel disease and hemorrhoids but no one is coronavirus k least american a start cardia jinjo low stable t means k mild symptoms you know bobo g no burning is the mall here boost capabilities unstable dick

Itself still area hula woman died away or electrolyte imbalance over here you ski with your save o una hospitalized kelabra so please marry up lobo see requested av medicine oh ji-ho dexamethasone which i was really dope oh a via san hama kayoko eb herb medicine who separate doctor near formosa’s to physicians a consult year and batista maliki jeeva because it is

Medicine is importance of trances so please up camera here or geo precautionary measurementsour coronavirus key experiment

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Dexamethasone Uses & Side Effect Of Self Medication In Covd 19 by Dr Mian Owais Khalil By Hakeem Mian Khalil