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Dexamethasone | WHAT IS THIS DRUG

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Hey guys let’s learn about some drugs so we’re going to be talking about dexamethasone um so what is it uh it suppresses inflammation and normal immune responses and it also suppresses adrenal function at chronic doses so this is the pharmacological action or purpose of the drug dexa methazone is used systemically and locally in a wide variety of chronic diseases

These diseases include inflammatory disease allergic reactions hematologic endocrine neoplastic dermatologic autoimmune disorders management of cerebral edema and is also used as a diagnostic agent in adrenal disorders some unlabeled uses for this drug include short-term administration to high-risk mothers before delivery to prevent respiratory distress syndrome

In the newborn it’s also used as an adjunct in the management of nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy it’s also used as a treatment of airway edema prior to extubating and it’s also used in neonates with bronchopulmonary dysplasia to facilitate ventilator weaning and again just to kind of verify or to kind of drive this point home uh it’s a corticosteroid

It’s a steroid it’s been around for about 60 years and it’s used to suppress inflammation and modify normal immune response so as a lot of people who are looking this drug up are probably aware of this drug has been around for a long period of time but a recent article from the washington post indicated that in uh in the uk i believe um prime minister boris uh

Johnson uh and like british regulators are proving this drug to be used for hospitalized patients that require oxygen things of that nature i think right now it’s being touted as a drug that can help people or help the sickest patients that have severe lung damage survive the illness based off of like clinical trials in britain or whatever case may be i’m not

Here to speak on the efficacy of the drug i don’t know about that but what i did want to do is bring awareness to the drug and kind of get people introduced to what uh what exactly its purpose is the drug has been available for a long period of time but uh a lot of people are just hearing about it so this is me and my effort to just educate people on what the drug

Normally is used for um so that if you want to do your research on a drug you know here you go all the information that i got i was taken from the dravis davis drug book um in an effort to educate so please uh if i if you’re still here you’re still listening uh please subscribe to my channel for more information uh i create content related to nursing uh traveling

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Dexamethasone | WHAT IS THIS DRUG By John Azike Jr