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Hello & welcom to our youtube channel, this is Latest dha exam mcqs for pharmacist, haad mcqs, uae moh mcqs, prometric mcqs.

Hello and welcome to our youtube channel study possible friends is below me back there in the start condemning a series of questions right this badoom about getting a 2526 important questions jo recent recent thc exams had the exam to you a rematch romantic uae and girls quantity a pharmacist me pharmacist ski recent questions but i’ll be 2020 k recent questions

I taking up k both important was at that one kelly jo is professional current from a pharmacy exams population survey and girl continually right so princess cut cut their panel question hello questionnaire which this will have the greatest capacity to bio transform drugs then the answer is legal right answer is labor then pharmacokinetics what is pharmacokinetics

Firm at the kinetics both political thank you for micro kinetics mins idi amin right is hot from probability ad i mean absorption distribution metabolism and excretion right so the right answer is a right now third question which of the following is primarily stored in natural fat of the body right natural fat of the body right the answer is right the answer is

Is it a salicylic acid right the answer is c times really silent ac right question number four theo farah stress is known as what you forrester’s is known as what father of pharmacology right thyristors work by elizabeth karen right now question number five so who stands secreted into the blood buy a new one is question number five so who stands secreted into

The blood by a neuron is called neurohormone possible transmitted curse and mercy following is a gaba antagonist right following is gaba antagonist mutlar corn gaba and turbine is 10 right question then the answer is by pure lean the right answer is by killing right next question number 7s padeen is contraindicated in pregnant woman who near-term but because near

Term means pregnancy came close to vodka right near term pregnancy it flows then the right answer is all of the ever risk it never maybe delay and blow long like yes parent a problem last phase of pregnancy rate then blood loss during the upa in tobogganing throat i write blood thinning kadam cutter so if you see we just miss appeal myself closer disclosure right

That to your t vs really prabhavati so you will answer right kind of cautionary thing in overall assessment which non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug has been considered to be the safest at question number eight considered to be surfaced – right i drew fendy but so much off idea that’s right so assume i said safe at the bottom i definitely said oh right question

Number nine nicotinic acid question number nine nicotine is it decreased production availed in important question and write all that ‘ right nicotinic is it decreased production of ele very low density lipoprotein it decrease ldl levels right this is the right answer what neko team does it decreases ldl level right right question number 10 truck that can dilate

Bronchi during and make you a systemic at it including all of the following except all of the following except in my second mean paid the answer is c new nato chromel right the answer is c needle chroman right now question number 11 but with one of the following antibiotics is literally to be the most effective isn’t in the treatment of an infection due to intro

Coke i’ll write if used in conjugation with penicillin g right if used in conjugation with penicillin g but if the right hand said streptomycin right which one of the following antibiotic is literally to be most effective this is this works good read streptomycin that’s cyclosporine is used for cyclosporine is used for right transplant rejections head transplant

Rejections means it transfer it reduces the immune system so cyclosporine caduceus a side effect a immune system to compress cut there so latex alert signature of the ever trucks new organ insert yeah there are very lazy reactions are the authority over rejected i am i right the immune system down one would look compatible a it to different environment the body in

Part a compatible immune system decrease cut as i blue is perfectly now the next question question number 13 right cardiac arrhythmia has occurred when this drug was used by patient taking the gastrointestinal prompt ability that promote ility isn’t sis right head what is the right answer redditor that is heat up another all right now 14 choose the most effective

Drug for mild intestinal emma glasses and his informatics is passes right choose the most effective drugs for intestinal em and maybe asses and place liam – matty just passers but what is the right answer limiting be right celiac is now pushing or 15 right civic is a be leading right sileo kissed enough this is mistaken type okay severe cases of bleeding due to

500 i t is it are treated with iike right this is the right answer because aspirin pretends yet kept the hey byron will potentiate get a vitamin safe right so iike it right now question of assisting in peptic ulcer enters it are now primarily used for but in practical said interceded now primarily used for what prompt pain relief right this is the right answer

Prompt pain relief now question number 17 the duration of action of insulin insulin cinque suspension right that comes in plenty and shouldn’t bite is right how much is the duration of action with zinc and insulin gene brand-name lenti insulin right question answer is c 30 24 hours that’s why we’re giving in and yeah once in a day right so now question number 18

In a 50 year old male without any other coronary artery disease risk factor hypo college tillamook trucks are recommended only when the serum ldl like cholesterol level is higher than what which which is the right answer for 90 mg / dl right higher than 190 mg per deal right question number 19 vitamin k is indicated for the treatment of bleeding or cream in

Patients right occurring in patients being treated the right answer is net the right answer is c off destructive jaundiced right question number 20 the daily dietary requirement of vitamin b12 by an adult is what this is right one two three microgram then the daily dietary requirement of vitamin d curve by an adult is one two three microgram like vitamins vitamins

Minerals and proteins right have a very high saline way and our country can zoom to a lot hey sky demographic reason here right no question of a rapist which of the following anti-inflammatory analgesic has been cleared by pediatric used right when the answer is the rocks again first answer is deep the rock cycle right the most important reason for highly restricted

The use of penicillin g injection in present day therapeutics is it’s the most important the most important reason for highly restricted use of penicillin tea penicillin g injection right in present day therapeutics right because of its what 410 seemed to cast hypersensitivity reaction right penicillin tea having high potency to call this one right taking know which

Of the following drug is used in cardiogenic shock which of the following trucks you would seen cardiogenic shock the answer is t w tong to glutamine is used in catalytic stop cell line from everything adrienne now question number 24 paul pretty centenary site is a guilt built is contain device ids he used to counter the toxic effect of bl it’s used to counter the

Toxic effect earth what marple this is the right answer mercury now 25th earliest sign of aspirin toxicity is earliest sign of aspirin toxicity is tinnitus person number 26 compared to pork beef in saline compared to pork and beef insulin the lumen of saline are there was faster kinetics of absorption and alienation this is the advantage with a human insulin gate

Amala have a faster kinetics of absorption and elimination right you now this is a contact details you can visit for more ingests information our website study possible calm and then you can email us right at the ritter and now this is our contact details right you can visit to our website wthi steady possible calm for more in-depth information and you can email

To us sky dot 88 my email at the rate @ or you can call to a call to number right and zero to six ninety six ninety five eight six this is a this is my phone number and parcel number and also the online and offline classroom training this is the complete course not to light it like a fluid course no it’s a complete course two-way communication you can

Take our classes on your phone right and this is this is the complete course and finally you can take a demo class back then take a demo on your place so no need to travel here and there let’s get everything at your place right so if you find this video is helpful for you please press please subscribe our channel and press where life project so you can get a get

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