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Dht Blocking And Why Finasteride May Not Be Working

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Hey guys and welcome to this week we look at DHT blocking and why Finasteride may not be working.

Hey guys and welcome to today’s video and today i want to talk about dht blocking and understanding your hair loss and for you guys who don’t know me my name is alex and i’ve been suffering here last since i was 18 years old but i was able to recover from it this full set of here so in today’s video i want to talk about some important topic and it is dht blocking

And what often guys do and hear from different sources on the internet and so on is that one needs to block dht to solve the class issue and if you check my previous pictures or my live streams or other videos you can see how nicely i was able to recover from my hair loss when i started to block dht but it was not enough because at some point other online issues

Catch it up cause problems for me and i started to lose here again right so when i finally sold everything that could cause heal us i was able to recover and get full settle here like i have now but in today’s video i want to talk about uh like often what guys do they hear that one should start to block dht like dht is a manufacturer of hair loss so they start

To block dht but they still keep losing here right and what they do next is to step it up maybe as they step us up the dose of uh dhc blocker let’s take assume it’s a finasteride so they step up the dose of it and they still lose here until they maybe do something else they switch over to do the street and maybe it helps some for some time or even if it doesn’t

Help right then they step up to topical application of some kind of dht blocker right and it gets more and more extreme right because uh and it still doesn’t work and basically they kind of assume that it must be dht spikes that is causing it so they take it to extreme and start to uh take out like a treatment even to more extreme levels and like if you have been

Taking some kind of dht blocker and you still don’t see results that you’re looking for so basically it means that there is something else that is causing your hair loss right like uh just check my example when i was blocking the hd i did get good results at first for the first two years i had awesome results with blocking dht by finasteride or preparation in

My case and then i started to lose my hair again right and in my case it happened because of sculpt information right so basically it means that if you are blocking dht and you still are not able to stop your hair loss or regrow is low all right so it means basically there is something else this messing things up and that needs to be addressed ahead so uh don’t

Fall into the trap to try to kind of make the hair loss treatment more extreme by adding other things like the dust read and so on because yes they may help right they may work but then you get like uh misconceptions and you think that your hair loss is because of dht and yes it can be because dht but maybe because you have taking your treatment to more extreme

And the test rate or other kind of methods do work and then you assume that it is mind cause of your hair loss but maybe it’s something else it’s just uh by taking a hilarious treatment to the extreme it worked for some time and then it kind of slowly lose effect in a second right and what’s the next step next step would be to make it even more extreme right so

Those are kind of things i wanted to address in this video because it is so important to understand that hair loss is not just dht it can often be a combination of different factors like like i’ve been talking about the previous like information on the scalp information from the diet allergies stress even lifestyle other things right so it is a combination right

And if one have just dht problem yes by taking some kind of dhd blocker even supplement it can uh solve the problem right so this is kind of my point with the video and for you guys who need help is here those and who if you have tried addressing your hair loss and you still are losing here or you still are not seeing is the results you want to see schedule call

Blob studio let’s talk and see how my program can help you to solve this problem because i was able to recover from this issue i have been able to help other guys to solve this problem so it is possible to recover from hair loss and get awesome results right you just need to understand what is happening and take back control of your hair situation thanks for watching guys

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Dht Blocking And Why Finasteride May Not Be Working By HAIR REGROWTH WITH ALEX