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Dianas CAM: Valerian vs Oxazepam

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Valerian versus oxazepam effects on the body valerian is an anti-anxiety and a sedative as well as oxazepam which is also an anti-anxiety and a sedative the system these two drugs affect is the cns system they depress the cns system by increasing the amount of gaba in the body and gaba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter both have similarities and differences to

Each other the first similarity is they both depress the cns system by increasing gaba as previously stated both are anti-anxiety and sedative hypnotics both are contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding as the safety has not been researched and it does seem to cross the placenta and both will have a benzodiazepine-like withdrawal after long-term use both

Will assist in treating anxiety and improving sleep in an individual the differences between valyrium and oxazepam is valerian is a complementary and alternative medicine and oxazepam is a benzodiazepine you can get valyrium over the counter however you do need a prescription for oxazepam uh the research for valyrium is not extensive however the oxazepam is fda

Approved the oxazepam can treat alcohol withdrawals and valyrium cannot it is not strong enough and the oxazepam is a schedule for drug a schedule for drug means that it has a low possibility of abuse and valyrium does not have a schedule the valyrium onset is 30 to 60 minutes and the oxazepam onset is between 45 to 90 minutes and that is a very slow onset for a

Benzodiazepine lastly the valyrian comes as a tea extract tincture and capsule and the oxazepam only comes as a capsule and tablet next we’re going to talk about the side effects and the similar and different side effects these two medications have valerian and oxazipan both cause drowsiness and a headache oxazipan uniquely causes dizziness constipation diarrhea

Nausea vomiting and weight gain and valyrian uniquely causes dry mouth as a side effect to individuals the adverse effects of these two medications are similar in the fact that they cause benzodiazepine like withdrawals however oxazepam uniquely causes slurred speech respiratory depression drug induced hepatitis and leukopenia you can get an anaphylaxis reaction

With valerian however it is not commonly documented here are the dosage differences between valerian and oxazepam lyrium can be drunk as a tea one to five times a day in 150 milliliter cups and each cup is prepared with two to three grams of the valerian root as a capsule tincture or extract you would consume three to six hundred milligrams per day some people

Consume up to 900 milligrams per day and for oxazepam you need a lot less the capsule and tablet is consumed in 10 to 30 milligram increments three to four times a day and so it’s a lot less for the same or a higher effective rate so which do you choose it’s very dependent to the condition if you have a hard time going to sleep or mild anxiety throughout the day

Valerian is definitely the best alternative to oxazepam because it’s not as strong and doesn’t have as many adverse side effects however if you do suffer from severe insomnia or anxiety to the point where it is interrupting your everyday life activities then i would suggest seeing a doctor about a possible prescription for oxazepam because the adverse reactions

Will not be as great as the benefits of the medication you

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Diana’s CAM: Valerian vs Oxazepam By Diana Gonzalez