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Did Aimovig Cure My Headaches? | Month 2 Aimovig Injection Review | My Health Journey

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Hey Guys!

Hi guys welcome back to my health journey um as you guys know i just recently started my treatment for aimovig last month and um it was actually my first dose if you haven’t watched that and you guys want to watch it so that you guys can follow me on this journey i’m gonna leave a link down right here for you guys so you guys can check it out and then this is my

Second doe so i’m really excited and yeah let’s see how it goes hi guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys the process of my second dose of a mavic it’s finally been a month since i’ve gotten my first one and i didn’t feel any difference from my first stills like i mentioned in my last video um it is gonna take maybe two

Or no i’m sorry like three to four doses before i start feeling anything however the only thing i did feel from the first dose the first couple of days after i got it i felt the relief or that’s like the best way to put it i usually feel like some pressure on this side of my head when i have headaches but when i got the dose like couple days after that i started

Feeling like a relief um right now i do feel the pressure again but i think it’s because you know it’s it’s more off or maybe it’s just you know my body’s barely getting used to it but yeah this is my second dose and i’m really excited i’m hoping that you know within time after maybe three or four doses i’ll start feeling a lot better i don’t have migraines but i

Do have a lot of similar symptoms to migraines and that’s why i decided to try emovig if you do have chronic migraines though definitely look into it because i know a lot i personally know a lot of people who’ve tried it and i know one of my friends from high school she’s actually on it and i she said she got really good results from it and then i know a couple of

Other people who have tried it and it does help them out so if you do have chronic migraines definitely look into that i don’t have migraines but i’m you know i’m giving it my all and i’m having so much positivity towards the medication or the treatment hoping that you know it does help me out and i don’t have so many headaches throughout the week because usually

I have about five to six headaches during the week and it’s not like an hour or two it’s literally like i’ll wake up with the headache and then i fall asleep with the headache so it’s like an entire day thing so even though it might not take the headache away at least i’m just hoping that it’ll reduce the headaches that i have that’ll be great but yeah i’m going

To show you guys the process to it and how i do it i don’t personally do it on my own my husband does help me do it because i am scared of needles and it’s just easier for me i was told you can choose three different spots in your own body to get the injection which is your thigh your arm or your stomach and i chose my stomach just like you guys saw last time

Because i felt like it was gonna be less painful since it’s easier to grip and i have more fat there but i’m not gonna lie it did hurt and it bruised up really bad i’m just sensitive like that i bruised up really easily so if i hit my arm on anything or my leg i’ll start getting a really bad bruise but my stomach did bruise up really bad and i did it was swollen

For a few days um but you know after maybe like a week or two the room started going away so don’t get scared if you do get it and you bruise up really bad because i was told it’s gonna happen anyways but yeah let’s get into it and then i’ll show you guys how it goes all right guys so here we have my second dose of avavig i’m actually really excited and i’m not

As nervous i was as i was last time flashback oh my god i’m gonna die and a flashback everything is pretty much the same if you like i said if you haven’t watched my first video you can definitely go watch it so you guys can see and get a little bit more information on how the injection works but um yeah it’s the same dosage and same pan so i’m going to do it on

My stomach while i’m going to have my husband do it on my stomach just because it’s easier for me and i feel like you know my thigh on my arm it’s going to hurt a lot more but yeah let’s get into the shot and let’s see how this goes remember last time i did actually bleed so i’m hoping and praying that this time i don’t bleed because i did bleed a lot last time

Yeah let’s get into it all right guys so i am getting ready to get my shot my husband is getting everything ready for me um i’m a little nervous now actually just because i see the gloves and i see the alcohol pads and it’s like i know it’s good i know it’s serious now but um i do have a mickey band-aid so that’s the only thing that makes me feel a little good

About myself so cute but i am going to get it right here just because this is where i have more fat and you can actually grab it so yeah let’s get into it oh my god oh no right here on this area oh my god oh i had a tanning lotion so it might be orange i look like a carrot you guys don’t come for me in my little little fat oh my god that’s a three shot yeah oh

No last time you fooled me though if you guys see the first video you guys are gonna see that he went on two instead of three and i was freaking out after oh my god okay that’s what she said okay yeah you can alright oh my god wait go oh ah this hurts i cannot be the only one that’s scared of needles and shots but oh look i actually didn’t beat this time did

It go i felt that yeah i felt that i thought you pinched me what the heck my body’s rejecting it did you ruin my shot i can’t get another one okay oh i have to do it roughly oh i guess ah oh my god i hurt so bad oh my god i feel so dizzy oh i i see stars oh that hurts so bad i want to cry why are you laughing you’re evil because you’re over here pretending

Like you got a shot when the needle didn’t even enjoy it it did i felt it that’s why i was like hell yeah this one does not hurt this this one this one hurts so much i got a boo-boo look at that that hurts so bad oh my god you guys that was so painful like like really really really painful worse than last one yeah way worse not as bloody and nasty that’s what

She said this hurts it hurts when i sit actually yeah it’s things really really really bad you guys well that was my second dose and that didn’t go that well i really thought that the first time that he injected that it was a shot and i was so happy because i just felt a little pinched and it was nothing like the second time that hurt really bad oh my god but

Then again i’m a chicken so you know you guys might have a higher tolerance pain or pain tolerance because i don’t but yeah that was my second dose you guys and i hope that it works and i hope that i feel a lot better now that i have a second dose rather than the first one but yeah i will see you guys on my next video and i will also keep you guys updated and

I’ll let you guys know how it goes if you guys want to see more of this or if you guys you know want to know more leave a comment down below and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and i will see you guys in the next time

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Did Aimovig Cure My Headaches? | Month 2 Aimovig Injection Review | My Health Journey By FabbulousFabbs