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Difference Between Vitamin D2,D3 & Alfacalcidol(One-Alpha)

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Hello friends vitamin d deficiency is the one of the major nutritional deficiency found most of the population all over the world vitamin d is the one of the important vitamin that is plays very important role for different physiological function inside our body this vitamin d is act naturally it is forming inside our body in response to the sunlight that means the

Cholesterol inside our body is converted to vitamin d in presence of sunlight because of the less exposure to the sunlight the conversion of vitamin d is less in most of the people all over the world and because of this reason there is a lot of other diseases are coming be related to the vitamin d deficiency to overcome the deficiency of vitamin d there are lot

Of dietary supplements is available in the form of soft gel and the tablet there is mainly three types of vitamin d where preparations are available in our pharmacy one is vitamin d3 vitamin d2 and one alpha so what is a difference between all these three types of vitamin d today we are going to discussing about this topic welcome to another chapter one degree

Change a continuous learning program for the pharmacists the vitamin d3 is the one of the widely using vitamin d all over the world this vitamin d3 is other name is cholecalciferol vitamin d2 is a ergo called safehold and this is this is producing mushrooms in response to the sunlight vitamin d3 or the cholecalciferol is the natural form of vitamin d so because

Of this the our body can utilize more easily this this home the vitamin d3 come bearing two vitamin d2 if you compare the potency vitamin d3 is more potent than vitamin d2 approximately 87 percent less than vitamin d2 we will talk about the toxicity in the higher dose vitamin d3 is less toxic than vitamin d2 because this is because then there is a less chance of

Impurities vitamin d3 comparing to vitamin d2 also stability is more for vitamin d3 comparing to vitamin d2 if you talk about the half-life and shelf life of the vitamin d3 and d2 the vitamin d3 how more half-life and more shelf life comparing to vitamin d2 if you compare all the aspect this vitamin d3 is more useful imperative vitamin d2 to other than vitamin d3

Cholecalciferol and vitamin d – ergo calcifer all one other form of vitamin d also available in our pharmacy this is one alpha this one alpha is alpha considered this is the analogue of vitamin b the main point is one alpha you can recommend only with the doctor prescription because this when we when a patient is taking one alpha there is a certain boost of vitamin

D happening inside our body and also while taking the one alpha there is a need of routine lab tests to check the vitamin c level personally the vitamin d is suggesting for the people they have a kidney problem also because the when we are taking the vitamin d2 or d3 way it will it is converting to the active form calcitriol kidneys are playing very important

Role for the conversion of the vitamin d2 or d3 to active form called calcitriol and one alpha or the alpha consider this alpha cast considered is converting directly into the calset role in liver so if you give the alpha cards erode it will bypass the step that is happening in kidney and this is converted to active from calcitriol from liver so even the people

Have the kidney problem also they can treat the vitamin d deficiency using the alpha considered but always remember that don’t dispense the alpha cards around without dr. prescription also tell the doctor patient to do the routine vitamin d checkup while taking the alpha considered because it will leads to the sudden hike of vitamin d and because of that if there

Is a chance of increase the calcium and phosphorus level inside our body so overall when a patient is approaching you for a vitamin d supplement always choose vitamin d3 supplement thank you for watching my video if this information is help you to make a 1 degree change in your professional life please share with your friends thank you

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Difference Between Vitamin D2,D3 & Alfacalcidol(One-Alpha) By Abhilash Sadasivan