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Tara so anxious right now do you know the nares just coming in i’m sure she’ll be here soon what exactly you anxious about you know the doctor put me on some new drug called digi and you know it’s called do you have the idea it’s really weird i don’t know i’m sure the nurse will be here soon she’ll explain everything ok hi good morning martez how are you feeling i’m

Really anxious right now i’m so glad you came in ok well my name is juliana know with your nurse today where do you anxious about now the doctor i don’t know if you’ve heard of but the doctor put me on some new drug called digi do you know it’s called oh yeah that would be the jocks in it’s a heart medication i’ll explain it to you right when i come back with your

Medication ok ok alright so here i have your digoxin ok what it basically does that it increases the amount of blood being pumped out of your heart by increasing the force of the muscles that your heart can set successfully pump out the blood usually it starts to work two hours after ingestion and it lasts up to two to four days in your body so would you like to

Explain to me what i just told you ok so basically the johnson is a drug that is an anti-arrhythmic drug that acts like superman and gives my heart the strength to pump out the blood yes great that’s a very powerful drug yes it is and an arrhythmia is something that is going on with the rate of your heart beats it can either be slow or too fast sometimes that can

Cause problems with the heart wow and now it’s digoxin there’s some things that we need to look out for the jock stein can cause cardiac dysrhythmias because of the alteration of the heart rate it can cause it to pump too slow resulting in hypokalemia so that means low potassium levels it can also cause fatigue anorexia nausea and vomiting there are also drugs to

Avoid while taking digoxin which are potassium that drugs that increase potassium levels diuretics quinidine and verapamil are you sure i should be on discharge well according to your drug list you don’t any of those drugs prescribed to you so you shouldn’t have to worry about any drug interactions at this time but you should always let your health care provider

Know any drugs or herbal supplements that you’re taking which does include to jackson because makes me feel a little better okay so first you need to start taking the medication at the same time each day if you miss a dose take it the next 12 hours if you miss two or more talk with your doctor and don’t discontinue this without talking your doctor first okay and

Our am i supposed to have some sort of identification yes i have an identification card that you should always carry with you because i have the medication and disease process listed on it okay i also have a brochure here in case you forget anything about digoxin great now before we administer digoxin you have to take your pulse when you’re at home i take the

Apical pulse but at home you’ll have to take your radial pulse your radial pulse is right here on bump side and we’re going to do is take two fingers and press down and you’ll be a little feel a little beat now what you do with the beat is you look at a clock and for 60 seconds count how many times you feel it press up against your fingers and if it’s less than 60

Or more than 100 don’t take the medication and call your doctor so can you show me how you take your balls okay so basically i’m going to grab two of my fingers put it on the same side as my thumb and look at a clock and for 60 seconds count how many beats i feel mm-hmm so if you get 55 should you take the drug no because it has to be within 6300 okay and if you

Get 120 should you take it no and then what should you do call a doctor okay perfect now i’m going to do is take your apical pulse i have a double sided step in scope here so you can actually listen to what it’s supposed to sound like are you interested in doing that yes okay do you hear it yes i do so i just took your apical pulse in it was 65 so is it okay to

Give you to jackson yes okay good i also took your blood pressure it was 120 over 80 so that’s good as well can i have your name and date of birth please but if it oh no it’s okay um it is jennifer cortez jun 10 92 93 okay great here’s your digoxin and some water okay perfect thank you thank you i’m no longer

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Digoxin By Jules G.