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Digoxin, Lanoxin, emergency medications, crash cart, Nurses, nursing, Registered Nurse

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In this video I talked about digoxin which is lanoxin and I talked about it’s uses the nursing intervention and how to use it and I want you to like subscribe thank you

Hello everybody uh you you are with the israelobite at and i’m registered nurse today i’m going to talk about didoxin lanoxine which is the other name of it is lanoxin it comes usually 0.5 milligram per to melee you can find it in all sections department of the hospital in the crush cart it’s an emergency medication it’s an emergency medication so

What you what should you know about digoxin as a nurse first of all um according to push yes you can give it iv push you can give it iv push but but slowly okay slowly because it is a very strong medication as i said it’s in an emergency medication and um for example five minutes give it in slowly five minutes when i say five minutes it’s because i don’t want

Your vein to be ruptured okay also if you give it fast it will make the heart beat of your patient’s heart very slow and this is not good okay so be careful you can dilute it if you are scared to give it iv push you can dilute it um it can be diluted in 10 to 20 ml of you can use nss also you can use uh or defy water or also lactated ranger it’s good um the

Usual prescribed dose that your doctor may give is between zero point five to one milligram okay so one amp or two amples so what are the uses of digoxin i’m trying not to forget any detail the uses of this digoxin is for various heart condition for example it may be given for uterial fibrillation which is atrial fib relation what is atrial fibrillation atrial

Fibrillation is when when your heart is beating beats fast okay is when your heart beats fast and uh and in irregular way irregular way also atrial fibrillation and another case is atrial flutter also it is in irregular way um also it’s used in let’s see this is a heart heart failure okay so digoxin is used in various heart conditions many heart conditions

Three of them are atrial fibrillation atrial fluff flutter and heart failure um do not give a nursing intervention do not do not give digoxin never ever give diagoxan if the heart rate of your patient are slower than 60 beats per minute this is very important because if you give it maybe your patient will go in a bad situation okay so never so before you give

Digoxin always take the heart rate of your patient if it is slower than 60 bits per minute call your doctor and check what you should do now so what is the antidote the antidote of digestion is very easy to remember it is digoxin immune fab this is the antidote so when you give higher amounts in digoxin in accident um you can give this antidote but first you

Should tell your doctor for sure okay so um for sure as nursing interventions also you must monitor cardiac monitor the vital signs of your patient when you want to give digoxin with dilution um it’s up to you if you want to use a pump or no because as i said it is okay to push so in the next video i’m going to talk about um another emergency medication which

Is also found in the crush card and it’s called uh some people say it big zone which come formerly gram per 1 milli don’t be scared if you don’t be scared because you you must memorize all the emergency medications they are very important and don’t be scared that every month you’re going to to memorize them much time and you will never forget all the details

About it so see you in the next video thank you

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Digoxin, Lanoxin, emergency medications, crash cart, Nurses, nursing, Registered Nurse By Sarah Obeid