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Movie for our pharmacology class.

Warning shelby cuba is a real doctor and dog should not be taking detox it looks like you’re on a new order of digoxin uh dr kibala is gonna explain to you how that works dig here is an anatropic agent what would that do to my heart yeah yes lil that it means it does it increases the cardiac contractility what does that mean what you ask what does that do

It’s going to increase your cardiac output what happens if i overdose little that’s a great question if you do ever overdose on your did your nausea vomiting you’re seeing those halos did you bind is what’s gonna work for you you’re a good girl you’re gonna you’re gonna be okay with your ditch i’ve heard that ditch can cause death in women i know lil that that

Is unfortunate i did hear that that ditch can decrease the lifespan of women but we’re here we’re gonna do it together we’re going to do it lil you’re going to do it power do you awesome warning dogs can actually talk and shelby kevin is an actual doctor some serious side effects of ditch include hypokalemia partial av block advanced heart failure and renal

Impairment some signs of dig toxicity could be nausea vomiting diarrhea and visual disturbances such as a halo make sure to consult your doctor if you see any of these symptoms simple contraindications for patients on ditch include v-fib vtac include for heart failure and dysrhythmias be sure to confirm what disorder your drug is being used for consult your

Doctor before starting my nostrils are crazy and here are some testimonials from some very happy to jackson patients i’m holding my breath ah what are you doing oh thanks over there who could be how do you use this crazy missing magicka so we were on ditch action for a while here intermediate our lives sorry about it oh i’m sorry were you talking ah sorry this

Ditch action has me doing crazy things like nausea and vomiting i’ve seen halos the other day too and i yell sometimes just like that i don’t know why i just do it ah yes i i just yeah he’s so funny he needs to take his digibond did you buy it yes it’s bad this has been helping my heart quite a bit uh oh i couldn’t have a headache though oh yeah but um it’s i

Can get up and go in the mail can’t i honey yes he’s been going getting the mail so many times and uh well you’re yeah my heart hurts less i have to poop he’s a lot i’m not afraid of those strenuous exercises now on that ditch it’s really changed changed our relationship it really has you know i i feel like i can walk the dogs and uh get up and our love life is

Increased what can i say he’s pretty crazy what kind of computer is this anyways that did i i swear oh you know honey i was i was listening to a record the other day and i actually started dancing what dancing you haven’t done that since 1942 exactly i remember oh i love you so much oh this dude is just it’s just doing wonders doing wonders for our lives we’re

In love again and it’s uh we’re just wrong there no no what what is that oh warning deadlines does not cause old people to yell or increase sex drive before you take to jackson tell your doctor if you have certain heart conditions especially avoid kids cyber disorders electrical imbalances or if you’re a male nurse side effects include fast floor and even heart

Rate bloody or black dry stools blurred vision yellow vision confusion or hallucinations some drugs that affected jackson or xanax catastrophe cell dactyl epinephrine innocence synthroid regulation refamping antibiotics baited blockers helices internal blockers decongestants other heart rhythm modifications and stories such as progesterone consult your physicians

For more information and please consider taking to jackson for a more heart-friendly life hey just rhythmia what we got a drug to treat that and her failure we got a drug between that it’s called dip socks in make sure to consult your position before using ditch yeah this is a serious matter i don’t think i like that i like it

Transcribed from video
Digoxin By William Manto Jr.