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Digoxin Patient Teaching Video

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Come in hi liza how are you doing today good how are you my name is esther i mean–you student nurses today awesome so your doctor to prescribe you a new medication it’s called the johnson and it’s for your heart chili okay so what did jackson does is it increases your cardiac output and what that means is gonna push more blood out to your body okay sounds good

Yeah so you’re gonna be taking 0.2 milligrams by mouth okay okay are you taking any supplements or herbs or anything ah no great okay so if you do start taking me to talk to your doctor okay okay alright so some of the side effects you can have fatigue nausea or vomiting okay when you have some of the more serious side effects you can it can lower your heart rate

It can not see and vomiting again but they’re more like flu-like symptoms so if you have any of those symptoms you contact your doctor right away so any flu-like symptoms nausea vomiting good yes so you’re gonna be taking this by mouth okay okay what you want to do is you want to take it just once a day okay and you want to set a specific time during the day so what

Time works good for you fine morning probably i want to get up so when you’re taking this medication before you take it you’re gonna monitor your pulse for one full minute and see what your range is at so you just can go on munich and you feel through that full strength thing and you want it between sixty and a hundred if it’s less than 60 or more than a hundred

You need to call your doctor and not take the medication okay okay all right all right also since it’s my mouth you can also crush this medication throwing like difficulties along that i’m sure you’ll be fine but if you do need to take a drink and crushed up and hats like applesauce or pudding just make it easier to take when you’re taking it on you also since

You don’t want to get once a day if you forget you can still take it within twelve hours of when you forget if not then don’t take it for that day take it the next day traffic don’t take two doses so give it a 12-hour window yeah our window sweet if by chance you missed two or more days of taking your medication you need to not take it and call your doctor okay so

How when are you gonna take your medication every day in the morning at the same time and what’s your pulse window that it needs to be supposed to be greater than 60 and less than 100 when you can do if it’s out of range not take it and call me doctor awesome what are some side effects to me to watch out for so the normal ones you said i think are nausea vomiting

And then if i have any like flu-like symptoms so that could be nausea vomiting but some other things that are similar to the flu i should call my doctor perfect and do you take more than one pill a day no there’s a lot of them okay and then we’re just gonna schedule a routine follow-up exam to make sure that’s working out free and we’ll go get you medication all

Right sounds good three pick things no problem

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Digoxin Patient Teaching Video By Jessica Dustin