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Digoxin Presentation

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Hi mrs. jenkins my name is jessie and i’ll be your nurse today hi jessie it’s nice to meet you can you tell me your name and date of birth fran jenkins april 5th 1945 perfect today we’re going to be starting you on a medication to prevent the atrial fibrillation you were experiencing when you came to the hospital is that okay with you that sounds good to me hey

Can you tell me but you know about digoxin i was briefly told that it was to help regulate my heartbeat yeah digoxin will make it so your heart doesn’t have to work so hard and it will be at a steady rate does that make sense yeah it does is there anything else that i need to know about this medication there are a few things that are important to know to take this

Medication safely i have this handout for you with all the information about digoxin then i’m going to explain to you first it is important to take this medication at the same time every day all right i can take it in the morning with my breakfast it might be helpful to set an alarm to remember to take your medication or to hang this handout or sign on the fridge

That says to take the medication at 6 a.m. if you do miss a dose you should take it as soon as you remember if it’s almost time for your next dose skip the dose you missed and take the next dose on time i tend to forget things so setting alarm will be helpful this sounds like a good strategy before you take this medication you will need to take your pulse do you

Know what your pulse is it has something to do with my heart rate it’s a number of times your heart beats in one minute so you’re going to put your fingers right here on your wrist do you feel that throbbing against your fingers look you’re going to look at a clock and count how many times you feel that bump against your fingers for one minute if you count less

Than 60 beats per minute don’t take your medicine and call your doctor i can do that great are you able to swallow the pills yes all right you will take one pill in the morning at breakfast to take the pill with a sip of water to help you swallow the medicine okay i can do that while you’re on this drug mule schedule appointments for you to come into the doctor’s

Office so we can monitor how the med is working in the body to keep you safe but now i’m going to tell you about some signs that mean you need to call the doctor or 9-1-1 i also wrote this information on your handout so it’s okay if you can’t remember all of it right now oh all right if you start to see yellow or green halos or rings around lights this could be

A sign there’s too much to jackson in your body it is important to call 9-1-1 or your doctor immediately okay i’ll know to call my doctor if i see those rings lastly if you have headaches and upset stomach feel dizzy or notice you’re gaining weight you should call your doctor okay alright mrs. jenkins i’m going to ask you a few questions just to see what you know

Okay what is your digoxin medication used for it’s used to help my heart maintain a steady beat great and when should you take your medication i should take it at the same time every day after i have checked my pulse exactly now can you show me how to take your pulse i put my fingers on my wrist and i feel for the throbbing great job and when should you call your

Doctor after you take your pulse if my pulse is below sixty beats per minute i shouldn’t take it and i should call my doctor or nylon line that’s right and could you tell me signs that you’re going to keep an eye out for i’m going to look out for any yellow or green halos around mice and if i see that i should call my mom want to meet you fantastic you sound like

You’re confident enough to handle this if you have any questions at any time be sure to call and i’ll help you all right thank you all right mrs. jenkins it was nice meeting you have a great day you too jessie you created using powtoon

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Digoxin Presentation By Ashleigh Stearns