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Digoxin (Toloxin) – Uses, Dosing, Side Effects | Medication Review

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In this episode, I discuss a medication known as digoxin (Toloxin).

Hey everybody welcome back to drug talk as always i’m your host gary campbell in today’s video we’re going to be discussing a medication known as digoxin brand name is taloxan and before i talk about the medication itself just keep in mind that this channel is for information purposes only and not to use as a source for recommendations for your personal health

Care in this video we’ll discuss the mechanism of action or how this medication works indications or reasons we have prescribed this medication to a patient followed by contraindications or reasons we would not be able to prescribe digoxin then discuss examples of dosing and then finish it off with the side effects i’ve put together some slides to go over this

Information let’s jump right into it so the first thing to discuss here be the mechanism of action or how this medication works but digoxin inhibits sodium potassium atpase this causes an increase in the intracellular sodium concentration leading to an increased intracellular calcium concentration autonomic effects lead to positive ionotropic action reduced

Sympathetic response and decreased rain and angiotensin system output in terms of indications or reasons we will prescribe this medication we may use this medication for ventricular rate control and chronic atrial fibrillation as well as in the treatment of heart failure with respect to contraindications or reasons we would not be able to prescribe digoxin we

Wouldn’t use this medication in a patient with a hypersensitivity to digoxin or any other component of the formulation as well this medication wouldn’t be used in patients who have ventricular fibrillation now for some examples of dosing just keep in mind that with this medication the dosing would range from person to person and based on what condition they’re

Using at the tree though these are just some examples of dosing that you may see in atrial fibrillation using the iv form or intravenous form we may see 0.25 milligrams intravenously with repeat dosing to a maximum of 1.5 milligrams over 24 hours if they were using the oral formulation in atrial fibrillation we may see 0.125 milligrams to 0.25 milligrams orally

Once daily in the treatment of heart failure if a patient was using a tablet we may see in the reason for initial daily maintenance we may see 3.4 to 5.1 micrograms per kilogram orally once daily in this situation they would typically titrate or increase the dose every two weeks if they’re using an oral solution again in heart failure or maintenance dose we may

See three micrograms per kilogram daily and they would adjust as necessary as with all medications there are some side effects or adverse reactions that patients may experience while using digoxin we’ll go over some of those here now the patients may experience dizziness others may experience a headache with this medication nausea and vomiting are possibilities

As well as the development of a mental disorder more serious side effects would be cardiac dysrhythmia ischemia dinoatrial block or sinus bradycardia which would be a slow heart rate all right everybody that’s all we’re going to talk about today with digoxin or taloxane as always i’m very thankful you took the time to mind watching my videos if you found the

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Digoxin (Toloxin) – Uses, Dosing, Side Effects | Medication Review By Drug Talk