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Digoxin toxicity

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Teaching plan for nursing school

Hello hi um my name is and i’m gonna be your descent nurse for today can you please verify your name to me again um it’s marissa marisa okay marisa that’s what i have on here just to make sure we’re gonna go over again uh about the discharge teaching on regarding the medication that you’ve been taking for the past couple weeks and uh it’s digoxin so uh if you

Have any questions as i’m just kind of like uh going over again the teaching just feel free to ask me so uh the first thing we’re gonna talk about is gonna be like the sending symptoms of digoxin toxicity so like as you’re gonna be at home by yourself this is very important because we don’t want you to end up like uh getting like maybe like a heart attack

Or something so this is very important for you to know so that way you know when to come to the hospital in sick for um for help okay so uh one of the things that you will notice it’s gonna be nausea vomiting red cardio and also um all abdominal pain so um so once you see all those things it’s gonna be really important for you to call your physician or to

Immediately come and that way like we can get you uh studied on how to reverse that and uh also the other thing that’s really important is you’re gonna be taking uh digoxin it’s to always check your echo post okay all the time before you start taking it so that means that if it’s less than 60 then you have to hold the drag you don’t have to take it but then

You also have to call your physician okay and let them know that your post is um dropping like it’s below 60 and we don’t want that because that would be kind of like bright cardia so we don’t want that to happen so uh so the main thing that you have to do i’m just going to demonstrate okay sure yes that would help me because so you have to make sure that it’s

Gonna be on that fifth intercostal space so that means we have to count like your ribs coming down so on the fifth one so it’s gonna be like right under okay your breast so then you just kind of put your hand on there so like that and then yeah and then you listen to your heartbeat and then just making sure that it’s 60 or you can use a stethoscope but sometimes

They say you don’t have that then you have a choice where you can just pulp it by placing your hand over there and then listen to it and then um so that’s very important to do and then uh we’re gonna have to talk about um the last thing it’ll be like the treatment for digoxin toxins i’m sure probably you’re curious okay oh yeah if i have like all this toxicity

In my blood like what’s gonna happen to me so luckily we do have a treatment for that so that one it’s um it’s called uh digoxin immune fab so it’s a pill that you have to take but then you have to come into the hospital so like since digoxin it’s a narrow drag it has like a narrow range so we have to do like this blood draws to check show and make sure you are

Within that rank so when you’re above that range that’s when you see like how i mentioned before these signs and symptoms all these um and then um so also the other important thing is to make sure that you are taking like we’re checking your potassium to because the more the lower it is that can increase your toxicity and we don’t want that to happen in because

That will lead to you to having like those cardiac dysrhythmias which can lead to like heart attack like you know you may end up having it yeah like a heart attack with that so we don’t want that to happen so that’s why we have to keep on doing all these things but do you have any questions for me regarding this um i know i have uh this discharge but do you have

A pamphlet that maybe i can take home sure yeah so i almost forgot thank you for reminding me so i do have a pumpkin about it has all the causes how it works in the body the treatment or the sudden symptoms or what on how like when to call the doctor uh with this so okay oh great okay thank you yeah this will help me and help you yep and don’t forget there’s

Always the contact information for your doctor or anything that you would want to reach out to yeah and then you can just call us all right great thank you thank you

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Digoxin toxicity By Thenjiwe Labana