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Society you’re here already oh sorry my what have you guys been i’ve been here for 20 minutes spinning family was what men are we doing though there’ll i don’t know that same or anything ahead of you well at the generic name for that hydromorphone two more for said on it was first researched and synthesized in 1922 and watson mass market in 1926 it was used in

Executions actually the last one it was used to in was 2014 first what i have a headache i mean i need it i need some things because this is just too much all right i’m sorry i’m missing you go ahead okay so also to took two hours stopped breathing for the guy it’s the number one number ten most abuse prescription drug every year there’s at least fourteen thousand

Deaths of dilaudid overdoses in the us alone and the funny thing about it though was it’s made from morphine and doctors try to prescribe that as opposed to morphine because they think it’s less addictive but as an alternative but it’s it’s ten times more powerful when used recreationally it then won’t morphine and especially to if you mix it with alcohol or other

Drugs it’s very deadly that’s what the overdoses come from okay it’s no boy and analgesic and it’s a class two controlled substance so it’s a few moments later who’s doing action oh that’s me well i see here it says it in here it inhibits ascending pain pathways into the central nervous system it increases the pain threshold so it alters of pain perception what do

You guys have is that what you’re says also yeah well there’s side effects maybe you go by that there’s the frequent ones are drowsiness dizziness type and decreased appetite and then occasionally confusion dire forces facial flushing urinary retention constipation dry mouth nausea vomiting headache are you okay – where’s precautions and contracting communication

You’re pregnant breastfeeding if your child is less than 18 years of age if you have renal or hepatic disease aid renal insufficiency abrupt discontinuation asthma and ghena bilateral tract disease seizure disorders bladder obstruction hypothyroidism hypovolemia hypoxia high b use flavor latex ins hypersensitivity or sleep apnea contraindications of this medication

Hypersensitivity to the product this one copd emphysema gi obstruction are high intracranial pressure as well as of stark delivery drug interactions it can increase okay yeah i’m fine let’s get back to this interaction yes increases effect as a central nervous system depressants alcohol opa opa opa let me get back to the drug interactions respiratory and

Increases respiratory depression so basically you don’t want to take this medication if you have like trouble breathing if you’re allergic to like morphine let’s see what else did i find here if you’re pregnant obviously privative eating you don’t want to take this medication oh mine’s pretty alcoholic obstructive airways yeah you’re supposed to get a prescription

For that it was i did it was in my house hot in here one the later so how much do you think she took where’s the bottle left yeah i cuz apparently the oral solution for p o 2.5 of ten milligrams q three to six hours for tablets 2 to 4 milligrams every 4 to 6 hours geriatric it’s by mouth 1 to 2 milligrams every 4 to 6 hours but she’s not geriatrics so i don’t know

Huh yeah well doesn’t look like she took more than what she’s supposed to you in a but looks like most of the time this drug is administered through iv so it’s a lot stronger per dose because it’s not really absorbed too strong orally so we’re not too worried to worry about that there but we should definitely get her check that i agree nursing considerations things

To look for our monitor vital signs assess for pain relief instruct patient to request pain medication as needed for comfort patient teaching here is avoid alcohol avoid tasks that require alertness motor skills changing in positions to be done slowly to avoid ortho orthostatic hypotension do not chew crush dissolve or divide extents extended release tabs in case

Someone overdoses they can use narcan 0.2 milligrams is 0.8 milligrams via iv o2 lots of iv fluids and vasopressors you

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