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Diseases Caused By Magnesium Deficiency

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Right so let’s talk now about diseases now the fda won’t allow us to say that magnesium causes disease directly what the fda because if the if magnesium was the cause of a disease then the fda by definition would try to make magnesium a drug and if it was a drug it had to be regulated by the fda and it then it would be intended to treat cure or diagnose problems

And of course the fda is not going to have that with magnesium but these are diseases that are linked to not having adequate magnesium in essence we know these diseases exist as a result in people having low levels of magnesium and so probably the biggest class is heart disease and there are a number of different types of heart disease many of you may have like

Abnormal a rhythmic heart beats those can be caused by magnesium deficiency high blood pressure which we mentioned earlier can be caused by magnesium deficiency mitral valve prolapse is linked to mvp to magnesium deficiency as well so several forms of heart disease now another one which which is more of a vascular excuse me vascular disease versus heart as that

Increased blood viscosity can be caused by magnesium deficiency what does that mean it means that magnesium being too low will cause your blood to become too thick and too sticky and again when your blood is thick and sticky it puts more pressure on your heart right and that in and of itself is going to drive up blood pressure and gonna create problems so one of

The reasons why this happens is magnesium helps keep platelets regularly working see platelets are what clot your blood and if you don’t have enough magnesium then your platelets start to behave a little bit too aggressively and they can over clot your blood if you’ve ever had your blood drawn and the phlebotomist says wow your blood is really sticky or really

Thick it was really hard to draw it was real took a lot longer cause your bloods too thick your blood should come out of your vein when you get a venipuncture very very quick very very easy if it’s healthy now healthy blood is relatively thin and comes out really really easy so heart disease a big factor as a disease or a state of diseases if you will with with

Magnesium levels being low another one is neurological disease and i mentioned this earlier magnesium deficiency you know because of its role in regulating nervous system function we’ll see neurological diseases now there are a number of different neurological diseases as well depression is a form of neurological disease neuropathy numbness tingling pain of the

Extremities is a form you know as a form of nerve disease as well migraine headaches are a form of of neurological disease so these are really super common nerve problems linked to magnesium migraine headache is actually there’s so much research now on magnesium deficiency tending to contribute to migraine headache it’s surprising to me how few doctors actually

Make that connection or actually tell patients to go out and get a magnesium supplement who suffer with migraine headaches now on a side note here one of the one of the problems that happens with what with women who are giving birth to babies is there’s a there’s a disease state called preeclampsia and what often times is done in hospital scenario if you’ve got

A really good ob gener you’ve got a really good doctor is they will actually iv magnesium into you it’s one of the treatments for preeclampsia and many hospitals and that’s a form of again a form of high blood pressure i just thought i’d mention that because many of you may have been told during pregnancy that your blood pressure was going up and getting kind

Of dangerously high well that might be a sign that you need more magnesium as well so neurological disease then we have musculoskeletal diseases so diseases that affect your bones diseases that affect your muscle tissue so you know chronic muscle pain fibromyalgia is one and some would argue that fibromyalgia is actually a neurological disease so it kind of goes

Back and forth between the two it’s a pain based disease where the muscles hurt but many people believe that it’s because of nervous system dysfunction and there’s there’s truth to both sides of that but by manja is one we also have myopathy which is basically muscle pain of non fibromyalgia koechers so just generalize muscle pain of and not muscle pain because

You’ve injured yourself but just your muscles hurt muscle aches muscle pains so magnesium deficiency will contribute to a lot of what we call tension pains in the body where your muscles just again we talked about this earlier they become erased it but your muscles can become over tight and when they become over tight and the tension is in them then the blood

Flow will reach the muscles is aggressively the oxygen won’t get into the muscles as well and they’ll start to develop you know you’ll start you can start to develop painful problems additionally in the bone we know that osteoporosis is linked to magnesium deficiency so several different again several different diseases that we know that magnesium can definitely

Contribute to now on other notes there’s some endocrine disorders some disorders of hormones if you will such as diabetes and i’m talking about more specifically type 2 diabetes blood sugar diabetes you know we there’s a strong connection that’s because you need magnesium to properly regulate insulin production magnesium is an insulin regulator so if you don’t

Have adequate magnesium you can actually become more and more insulin resistant but also remember that magnesium helps break down sugar and if you don’t have the capacity to break down sugar your sugar levels can come up and then that ends up as on the outcome of diabetes which is elevations in your blood sugar levels overall hypothyroidism is another big one

Linked to magnesium deficiency you need magnesium you need magnesium to regulate tsh which is a hormone from coming out of your pituitary gland called thyroid stimulating hormone tsh magnesium regulates the production of that hormone and if you don’t have adequate magnesium again there’s a linkage to hypothyroid disease with that particular problem sex hormone

Deficiencies as well again we’re talking about hormone based diseases so i said earlier progesterone and estrogen and testosterone are all somewhat magnesium dependent in order for them to properly be produced so those are issues now estrogen dominance or so many of you may have been told that your estrogen dominant that can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency

As well but then we also have beyond that we have we have constipation and irritable bowel syndrome i mentioned that earlier as we were talking as well so kind of a long list of different disease states and this again is not being is fully comprehensive magnesium is actually responsible for playing a role in in about 60 different diseases these are just some of

The bigger categories that i wanted to cover with you tonight so that if you’re sitting here watching this and you’re struggling or suffering with any of these problems that you can look at potentially at look at magnesium as it might be one of the problems so let’s move on to the next part which is now we know about what magnesium is we know what the symptoms

Of deficiency are we know where the foods are we know the drug interactions we know what causes magnesium deficiency so next hey and if you missed the earlier part of this series click right here so you can go back and get caught up the information there might be critical to helping you on your path to better health and as always thanks for tuning and make sure

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Diseases Caused By Magnesium Deficiency By Peter Osborne