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DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU’RE ON TRETINOIN (Topical Vitamin A) | Contraindications!!

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GUYS! If you’re on Tretinoin OR any vitamin a topical, DO NOT do these things I’ve mentioned in my video. These are tretinoin mistakes I’ve made and that I’m putting out there to help prevent anyone from making these same mistakes! I hope you all find this helpful and informative and let me know if you have any similar experiences or questions at all!

Hey guys welcome or welcome back to my channel my name is randy for those of you that are new here where we talk about everything cruelty free beauty and skincare i was i’ll be honest i wasn’t planning on filming a video like this but something has happened to me recently that has i’ve found it in my heart to share with you all as you can probably tell from the

Title this video is going to be about uh tretinoin mistakes so i’ve made a similar video to this in the past it was more so about how to get through the tretinoin purging so if you missed that you can check it out in the top bar at the top obviously but today i’m gonna be talking about more specific mistakes specifically mistakes that i’ve made and one that i

Made recently that i just want to put it out there the first big thing i want to talk about is do not get waxed when you’re on tretinoin and just to elaborate on that i mean facial waxing if you’re on a topical retinoid and you’re using it for your face and your neck or whatever i would avoid those areas altogether if you’re on a prescription oral medication like

Accutane isotretinoin i would recommend not getting waxed anywhere at all i’m currently in an esthetician school and we we just went over lip waxing the other day and so i brought this up to my doctor beforehand and he told me that it would be totally fine if i decide to go get wax he said if anything i might get a little bit red but you know use my discretion

He didn’t tell me not to not get it done right i cannot stress this enough do not get waxed if you’re planning on getting your brows waxed or if you’re planning on getting your lip wax or your face just anything like that at all i would just highly recommend that you just don’t even bother i’ll put up some pictures of kind of what i went through it basically

Ripped skin it took a good layer of my skin off my upper lip and i look like i had a little mustache for a while there my fiance joked and said that i look like i had like little cat whiskers so i guess i don’t know at least he thought it was cute but it was very painful the first night when i came back home when we first got it done initial initially and it just

Was so burny so just a tip if you guys don’t heave my warning and you just go get it done anyway just be careful that when you get home i would highly recommend icing it what i did is take some wet paper towels so take a paper towel wet it under water and put it in the freezer for a few minutes and i took two of those so i would alternate them and i did that for

Basically the entire evening i wouldn’t recommend putting direct ice on it with raw skin like that it’ll it tends to stick i that just happened very recently and as you can see my upper lip looks basically back to normal now but it did take about four days i would say for it to completely heal and then flake off so my second thing i wanted to mention is do not

Over exfoliate recently done a poll on my instagram asked who regularly exfoliates and a good chunk of people actually it shocked me don’t exfoliate and a lot of those people are also on tretinoin so i just wanted to address that in this video as well if you’re on tretinoin then you do not necessarily need to exfoliate especially over exfoliate at the most i

Would recommend just to help deal with the flaking especially if you are just starting your tretinoin journey i would recommend a very soft washcloth to use for exfoliating i do not recommend using any chemical exfoliants any sort of scrubs or anything like that just be really gentle with your skin at the very most you did want to go in with an actual exfoliant

On your skin best thing that i could recommend is an enzyme an enzyme especially like a very light very gentle enzyme those kind of exfoliants are great for just eating at the dead skin and only the the dead skin at the very most again uh once a week once to maybe a couple times a week and my last thing i wanted to quickly mention is do not force the flaking

Off guys try your best not to pick at it just let your skin do its thing and let it flake off naturally the more you go and pick at that flaking and peeling the higher the risk of you irritating your skin over sensitizing your skin and not only that you can scar your skin so just be careful i briefly just said um for makeup application i know i’ve gotten a quite

A few requests on uh for for quite a few of you also like to wear makeup on a day-to-day basis asking about tips on how to wear makeup while going through the tretinoin purge or just being on tretinoin in general and if you’re experiencing the flaking how do you go about makeup application so i am working on that so keep an eye out for that video but other than

That guys i hope you enjoyed today’s video i hope you guys are doing safe hope you guys are doing well and i will see you in the next one bye

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DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU'RE ON TRETINOIN (Topical Vitamin A) | Contraindications!! By Rheanie