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Do T3 Hormones Make Hypothyroidism worse?

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T3 Hormones and Hypothyroidism are discussed by Dr. David Schiller. Visit for more information

Oh dr. david schiller here and today we’re going to be talking about t3 hormone derivatives things like armor and sight ml many people are now being prescribed these hormones and we want to talk about can these t3 hormones make you worse so what happens many a time people are getting diagnosed with low thyroid and they’re being prescribed synthroid or level thyroxine

Or livox all which are t4 derivatives and t4 is a hormone that your thyroid makes that truly is inactive in other words t4 needs to be converted to t3 in order to create these metabolic changes in your body so what a common situation would be the woman goes gets the or a man for that matter they go get they have this diagnosis of low thyroid and they get put on

Hormone replacement that you’re putting on in synthroid t4 derivatives armor or side amount now with t4 two rhythms like level thyroxine or synthroid they’re sometimes they don’t produce the effects because that t4 that they’re being given doesn’t convert to t3 and the most common reason why t fort does not convert to t3 is due to inflammation so the person for the

Most part when they come in to see me they’re all inflamed because they haven’t yet been diagnosed with autoimmunity or hashimoto’s 80 to 90 percent of all low thyroid in this country is due to this autoimmune reactivity called hashimoto’s and taking synthroid or livox all or level thyroxine is not taking care of this autoimmune reactivity with autoimmune reactivity

You get a tremendous amount of inflammation produced in the body the inflammation and the inflammation that produces cortisol reactions cortisol is a hormone from your adrenal glands inflammation the inflammatory markers the inflammation is causing release of things called cytokines which are inflammatory mediators these cytokines can block your thyroid reception

So you can think of your thyroid receptors as ant ni and they’re supposed to be looking and looking out for hormones t4 and t3 to help create these situations but with the amount of inflammation that’s going on it blocks thyroid reception so then the analogy i use is if you’ve ever been to new york city during the holidays and there’s a tremendous amount of people

Tremendous amount of cars there’s no place to park so what happens the analogy is like your hormones and that when there’s all these cytokines and this inflammation around there taking up the parking spaces where your thyroid hormones are supposed to go so as a result of this inflammation it blocks thyroid reception so you’re trying to get this conversion going and

There’s a condition within hypothyroid called under conversion where the person does not produce enough t 3 and you can easily see this when you look at a person’s blood work where you’re not only looking at tsh and t4 but you should be looking at your t3 if there’s not enough t3 and people are being told well you don’t have enough t through your under converting

The reason why that under conversion is happening is because of inflammation but here’s what happens there’s another phenomenon with low thyroid called thyroid resistance so what people do is when they’re taking armor or they’re taking sodom ill because they’re seeing a doctor actually looked at t3 they’re saying well you’re low you have low t3 so what they do is

They give t3 what you’re doing is you’re bombarded that body with the the active form of the hormone that what can happen is you can create thyroid resistance where there’s so much messaging going on from this t3 derivative armor side ml nature throwing that the body literally starts to become resistant to your thyroid hormone so sometimes taking t3 hormones can

Make your thyroid or fibroids symptoms worse because you’re creating thyroid resistance that will create like insulin resistance when people have metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance they have enough insulin just that the receptors aren’t recognizing that insulin anymore when you’re bombarding the body with all this t3 messaging you actually create the thyroid

Resistance and your symptoms can get worse so what you really need to do is figure out what’s causing the inflammation that’s causing the under conversion of that t4 to t3 by virtue of doing that you’re able to then decrease the inflammation which decreases the cytokines which then allows those receptors to become receptive to the hormones that you’re being made

You make more convert or you create more conversion from that t4 to t3 and you can start feeling better so i hope this information has helped look for our future posts on similar topics and make it a great day you

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Do T3 Hormones Make Hypothyroidism worse? By Dr. David Schiller