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A decline in semen volume happens naturally with aging. There are several reasons why this might happen. Decreasing testosterone levels, so called hypogonadism, is one of the possible explanations. But the almost inevitable prostatic enlargement with age is probably the most important reason. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Stefan Buntrock explains in this video on UroChannel the theories around BPE/LUTS to unravel this phenomenon. Medication is another important point here. The alpha blockers Tamsulosin and Alfuzosin have side effects that lead to a decreased semen volume. As does the 5-ARI Dutasteride or Finasteride. These drugs block the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone within the prostate and cause reduced semen volume. In this video, advice is given what to do to protect semen volume and prevent its decrease.

Hello everybody welcome to euro channel semen volume is a hot topic on youtube this video is not about how to increase semen volume but how to delay the almost inevitable semen volume reduction i will tell you what you can do to retain your ejaculatory health ejaculation is a topic the medical community hasn’t put much effort into it took me quite a few hours of

Searching databases and books to find anything about it in the scientific literature at all ejaculatory problems are systematically overlooked except premature ejaculation maybe hardly any questionnaire on sexual dysfunction contains detailed questions about ejaculatory issues and the bother that is connected to it the focus is on erection no doubt about that

In conclusion there is plenty of opportunity for research here because we more or less only know one thing there is a linear correlation between age and semen volume the older we get the less semen volume becomes very interestingly this development runs parallel to benign prosthetic enlargement bpe and symptoms of the lower urinary tract so-called luts typical

Symptoms of luts are urinary urgency weak streams straining nocturia etc also erectile dysfunction another sexual problem correlates to upcoming bpe lots it is still unclear what exactly links bpe luts with semen volume reduction actually there are two theories which are centered around ejaculatory duct obstruction within the prostate this means ejaculate cannot

Be released because of the enlargement of the organ or and that’s the other theory the smooth muscles within the gland get so tight that semen is kept inside at this point i think it is important that you understand what the prostate is for two years ago the european association of urology did a survey and asked more than 3 000 men above 50 in several european

Countries about their prostate knowledge three quarters did not know what function the prostate has so based on the results from that survey it is highly unlikely that all of you understand why men have a prostate since this is a video about semen volume i think you know the answer already yes the prostate is for semen production along with the seminal vesicles

Semen volume has nothing to do with the testicles they only contribute with a little drop of sperm that is mixed with the seminal fluids from the prostate and seminal vesicles with aging the prostate will start to enlarge in the majority of men prosthetic enlargement does not equal cancer it is a benign process why this happens is not quite clear but there are risk

Factors being older than 40 years high blood pressure diabetes obesity lack of physical exercise inflammation has been proposed as a mechanism and also testosterone deficiency also known as hypogonadism the prostate and the seminal vesicles need testosterone for their proper function if testosterone is low they might not work that well and produce less ejaculate

So reduced semen volume might also be a sign of hypogonadism as you can see it is complex obesity hypertension and diabetes are part of the metabolic syndrome and guess what is raised in the body due to the metabolic syndrome the inflammatory response what do diabetics often suffer from testosterone deficiency ok so it is complex let’s take a step back and look

At it from another angle obviously cardiovascular disease and bph luts share the same modifiable risk factors well you can’t do anything about your age but you can eat healthy exercise keep your weight so if all of this is good for your heart it is also good for your prostate and indeed there is evidence in the scientific literature that shows a risk reduction

For bph luts with physical exercise and for men without the mentioned risk factors hence if there are ways to prevent bph lots loss of semen volume will be delayed as well but what if you already have a problem with your prostate if you do and have been to a urologist and your prostate is enlarged and you have lots chances are that you got a prescription for an

Alpha blocker a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor or maybe even both alpha blockers relax the muscles in the bladder outlet and make it easier to avoid this comes at a price semen volume reduction tamsolosin does this to a high degree alfrussosin to a lesser extent many believe that these pills cause retrograde ejaculation but that’s actually not true it is a reduction

In the production of ejaculate that happens five alpha reductase inhibitors to testuride finasteride will block the conversion of testosterone to the biologically active dihydrotestosterone within the prostate in order to reduce its volume it will cause a local testosterone deficiency if you will and i just told you what happens in hypogonadism reduced semen

Volume and indeed this is one of the more common side effects of these drugs what about herbs and natural remedies many men take saw palmetto for their prostates actually the mode of action of these seeds is similar to finasteride and dotasteride so theoretically they also cause a reduced semen volume i found one study which looked at this but as i understand

The results they didn’t find that effect at least not so pronounced that it was statistically meaningful otherwise nothing can be found in the literature on this topic so what should you do eat right be physically active and stay away from the metabolic syndrome to retain your semen volume for as long as possible how do you eat right shortly i will open a new

Chapter in my continuing medical education nutrition and medicine i will post some youtube shorts from beautiful econ further where the course will take place if you are new to my channel i appreciate your subscription hit eurolike activate the bell if you’re interested watch these videos about how and why to increase semen volume thanks for watching bye bye you

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