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Doctors tip: Reasons why most people need to take magnesium | Get The Gloss

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Shockingly 70 to 80% of people are magnesium deficient – and stress makes us burn up our supplies of this multi-tasking mineral faster than normal. There are some key ‘tells’ for magnesium deficiency – twitchy eyelid, for one! GTG expert, neuroscientist and medical doctor @drtaraswart explains what they are plus her favourite ways to get more magnesium into your system for better sleep and more energy.

Hi get the glass i’m tara swart neuroscientist and medical doctor today i want to talk to you all about magnesium it’s one of those minerals that does so many things in our bodies including regulates our mood and our sleep but a shocking 70 to 80 percent of people in the modern world are depleted of magnesium now the recommended daily allowance is 270 milligrams

For women and 300 milligrams for men but that’s if you’re not super stressed and you’re not depleted in magnesium so i happily take um two or even three times that recommended daily dose when i really need it um the way to find out if you may be deficient in magnesium is if you ever get that twitchy eyelid or you’ve got a lot of muscular aches and pains if you

Um do breath holding or shallow breathing if you do jaw clenching and you have a lot of tension around here or teeth grinding or difficulty sleeping or restless legs and whenever i reel off that list a lot of people seem to nod at almost all of them so don’t worry if you feel like you’ve got all of those there’s a lot of things you can do there’s many ways you can

Take magnesium so there’s obviously tablets and this bio activated magnesium has to be got through a practitioner at the natural dispensary but i recommend capsules like bio care and this is in the form of magnesium malate just don’t get the citrate any other form of magnesium is fine um an even better way to get absorption orally is through sachets containing

Powders and actually um these ones you can give to your children as well as take for yourself um the best way to get magnesium into your system to really replenish it when it’s depleted is through your skin so transdermal and again there are lots of formulations for that so there’s an oil and when you spray that on you need about 15 sprays the itchier it feels

The more it actually means that you’re deficient in magnesium um and then there are some sort of luxury treats in terms of body butters one for the day from neon and one for the night time neon organics um and then actually my favorite way of taking magnesium if i really need to get it into my system quickly is through a bath soak so you can use a combination

Of epsom salts pink himalayan salts or magnesium sulfate or magnesium chloride so check out the actual ingredients that you’re not just getting sodium chloride in your bath salts um i’m a huge fan of altitude oil by de mommy our skin and so her altitude bath soak is a real luxury treat but like i said you can just get epsom salts or dead sea salt so try those

They’re a really good way to deal with all the stress and uncertainty that’s going on at the moment and let us know how you go

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Doctor’s tip: Reasons why most people need to take magnesium | Get The Gloss By Get The Gloss