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Does Aimovig Work for Migraines? | Aimovig vs. Emgality

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We are looking at Aimovig, side effects, effectiveness, how its taken. Also taking a look back and checking out how it stacks up to Emgality for the treatment of migraine. New drugs! Exciting!

Hello everybody and welcome to jeff the pharmacist i want to thank you guys for watching so today we’re looking at a movig which is the other migraine injectable other than in gala tea which i covered in a previous video a movig is a very similar drug it also works on the siege erp or calcitonin jamie-lynn related peptide i not really going to go too deep into the

Mechanism because i don’t really understand it that much but that’s basically the kind of the ten cents on how it works and it is a once a month injection a movig is a 70 milligram or 140 milligrams i don’t know why they have two doses but they do maybe if you work for am jenna and you know you can reach out to me so the side effects appear to be pretty minimal on

Average injection site reactions which that’s true the flu shot of insulin or anything you know if you stick a needle in your skin you can get an injection site reaction anybody can be hypersensitive to a drug so it’s in that allergic reaction and a movig is a peptide base drier it’s a peptide any peptides can have your body can form an immune response to it that’s

Not like like anaphylactic but it can take the drug and destroy it like it can just like knock it out of your system you might not even mean know that’s happening you just would notice that maybe your migraines are returning so that’s a possibility with any any protein based drug and that is something that they they looked at briefly in the aim of extend they did

Say that it was a possibility and some people had constipation they reported some constipation so looking at like is it effective i looked at they have a pretty good chart here that i’m gonna borrow it looks like the they were looking at monthly migraine days so that’s days with a migraine and on average there’s eight so the 140 milligram dose is more effective

Than the 70 and the so in the 70 milligram dose they notice three less migrants 3.2 less migraine days on average in the 140 milligrams a notice three point seven less migraine days and you can see the difference in placebo is 1.4 in the 70 milligram group or 1.9 in the 140 milligrams group but um all drugs have some placebo effect built into them so that’s real you

Know if you’re taking an injection and you’re getting two less migraines and it’s based on placebo and then you’re getting another two and that’s based on the drug i mean that’s still for less migraines and 50% they also looked at 50% responders so that that was patients that had a 50% reduction in migraines and that was in the 140 milligrams that was almost 50%

Of the people and then the 70 milligram group that group was closer to 40% so i think a mo big is effective it looks to be pretty effective the compared it to em gallon ii just because i was curious and i thought it would be useful for people maybe who’re looking at both drugs in gala tea the patients had more migraines to start with the the baseline was mine so

It looks like the in gala tea reduces by about four and a half about 50% and 50% responders were a little higher than the a mindy a vic trials they were closer to 60% than 50% and they also showed 75% responders are actually pretty high in galilee that was over a third so if i had to guess i would say i’m galleries probably a little better now i i think you know i

Might come down to coverage in the future so um hey moving it looks like they have a pretty good coupon if your insurance doesn’t cover it they have like a looks like a move it will cover a certain number of months or something but they does appear that they have a pretty good coupon they have a pretty good copay card and so does m gala t check it out they don’t pay

Me anything i just i think if you’re gonna have to take it you might as well not spend as much on your copay no coupons work on people that have medicare so that’s most people over age 65 or tricare usually or any federally sponsored program so i hope you all found this useful if you did please give me a thumbs up and please subscribe i want to thank you guys for watching thanks a lot

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Does Aimovig Work for Migraines? | Aimovig vs. Emgality By Jeff the Pharmacist