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Does Isotretinoin help with Keratosis Pilars? ISOTRETINOIN SIDE EFFECTS: I GOT CELLULITE AND VEINS!

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Hi guys so today i’m going to show you about how or if isotretinoid helped with my keratosis pilaris and what i do against it so if you don’t know what keratosis pilaris is those are those like red little they look like bumpy like that you usually have um behind your legs some people have it on their arms and yeah i think they can be like pretty much everywhere

On your body but i have them behind my legs like at the back of my legs and i’ve had them since forever and i always thought those are razor bumps but then when i went to my dermatologist he told me that those actually aren’t razor bumps but it’s actually like like the thing that you have on your feet that’s in german hornhout and that’s on top of your skin

So it’s like those old dead skin cells that are there and that just happens that’s just like genetic if you have to let it usually after 25 i turn 25 now so hopefully it will get better that after 25 um it gets better and it actually just goes away with age but there actually isn’t a cure for it and we first tried some creams which all didn’t work didn’t

Make any difference and then he suggested that i just take a very low dose of isotretinoid so i took first 10 milligrams a day and then 20 milligrams a day it actually is um medication for acne which i certainly don’t have luckily but um they said that it can be used against those as well even though it’s not like the primary um thing that this medication

Is for so i used it for i think from november since from november to now march which are like almost five months and i have to say i saw a little bit of a difference but not a huge difference like i think those little bumps that were like a bit inflamed they went away so they weren’t in flink bumps but the bumps still were there and i didn’t really have the

Typical side effects from isotretinoid which are dryness on your skin i had dry lips but not dry skin and i did have some kind of unusual what i thought side effects because first i didn’t even know that those could be side effects until i talked to my dermatologist and google a little bit but after about two months of using it i saw that when i looked at my

Legs especially i mean i always got a lot of um blue blue spots like um like bruises i always cut bruises so easily but i got them even more easy like i had them all the time and all over my body and i didn’t really know why and also i saw which i never did before a lot of veins on my legs and i was like what’s that then i have to say i saw i only have like a

Little bit of stretch marks which probably everyone has i got my bum but then i think they like overnight they got worse or it looked like they got worse and also i again overnight saw some cellulite when i pressed my skin against like that and i have to say like i have good genetics and i do go to the gym six times a week since seven or eight years and i eat

Very good so all of those three factors together and never really had cellulite before and then it was there like overnight and for me it looked like kind of not like a little it’s not kind of like there were was a lot and then i talked to my dermatologist and she said well not everyone has that but a lot of people have it because the skin just gets thinner and

Therefore like you see more of the wings um like it looks like you have more stretch marks and the cellulite is because like it dehydrates your skin and then sometimes there’s like not a like the lymph the lymphatic system doesn’t really work that good and then you get like those watery tensions which look like cellulite and also because the thick skin is thinner

It looks even worse and then i said like well if the medication if there is a tragedy it doesn’t even work for my keratosis bars or like doesn’t only works marginally and i have those side effects then i stop immediately and i stopped and now i think i stopped for two or three weeks and i have to say that it got way better like the cellulite is gone thank god

So if you take as a tragedy and you suddenly have cellulite then please think that that could be a side effect of the medication also like my wings under my legs they are way less visible now and i still get a lot of bruises but not as much than when i took the medication so now i stopped and now i’m telling you what i’m doing now because i think that actually

Works even better than there is a tread like so first i dry brush my wax every single day i do it after i take a shower some people say to it before but i like to do it after i take a shower because i think like the skin is a little bit more open a little bit softer than before the shower so i always do that dry brush like rigorously like just you ha you can

Really push on them like to kind of scrape the skin away on the back of my legs and i always do that and after that i use this cream it’s called exi pial and i got it from my dermatologist and it has 40 milligrams urea and there which is a lot and urea is used for like very dry skin yet like people usually use it for like the for their feet because they get

Those like those hard white dry things and actually keratosis polaris is actually the same that you get on your feet so also my dermatologist said you can use creams for your feet on your on the back of your legs because it actually is the same so like this is kind of the same so i always use that and then i’m sorted into my legs and then after that um sometimes

I use like a lymphatic paddle because i think like well maybe if if i like do that and like the blood breaths blood circulation and everything works better maybe it works i don’t know if that helps but i’m sure that those two really really helped with my keratosis and also if i think that some i have some inflamed hairs in there then i use the ordinary glycolic

Acid treatment and i put it on with a cotton swab and those things actually really helped and i’m glad that i don’t take the medication anymore and that all my side effects went away because that was what i was worried about i was like oh my god does that stay even though even if i stop the medication and i can assure you it goes away just leave it some time

Some weeks and it will go away so if you have any other recommendation for color to keratosis pilaris um or any other questions about the medication or something like that just leave it in the comments down below and i will talk to you in my next video bye

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Does Isotretinoin help with Keratosis Pilars? ISOTRETINOIN SIDE EFFECTS: I GOT CELLULITE AND VEINS! By Chiara Aliesh