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Does Metformin cause dementia? Surprising answer!

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This looks at the question: Does Metformin cause Dementia? Metformin is a drug used in the treatment of diabetes.This video also looks at the questions: Can diabetes cause dementia? Can Metformin cause dementia?

Are you a metformin and are you asking yourself  does metformin cause dementia? answers coming up!!   this channel is about tips and advice to promote  your health and to help you stay young! therefore   think your health and hit the subscribe button.  this is the last part of my series of videos on   metformin and if you want

A link to the first  video in the series looking at metformin   and side effects click on this link above. can  diabetes cause dementia? what you should know   is that diabetes is associated with a one and a  half to two times increased risk of dementia and   cognitive decline especially with increasing age.  researchers

Think there’s a higher association   with vascular dementia rather than alzheimer’s  dementia. diabetes causes your blood sugar   levels to be higher than normal. normally, the  pancreas produces a hormone called insulin to   decrease the increased glucose level. now what  happens in diabetes is your body fat cells,  

Well to insulin. this is called insulin   resistance. the higher blood sugars are associated  with an increased risk of dementia; in other words   the higher the risk of cognitive decline.   glucose levels (also called hypoglycemia)   sure you’re taking care of your blood sugars.   all of this makes sense. your

Brain cells need  sugar to function and if there’s too much sugar   or too little sugar they don’t work that well. if  there are prolonged episodes of high blood sugar   or low blood sugar this in turn damages your brain  cause dementia? metformin can cause b12 deficiency  and if you want a link to a previous video i  

Did on this subject click on this link above.  vitamin b12 deficiency affects your brain cells   and nerve cells. the protective covering around  your nerve fibers called myelin is damaged, this   causes a variety of symptoms such as dementia,  forgetfulness, insomnia, depression, irritability,   peripheral sensory deficits and

Psychosis. b12  deficiency results in an increase of an amino acid   levels of homocysteine lead to brain shrinkage.   we get older our brains shrink. however, with   neurodegenerative diseases such as alzheimer’s  disease this is accelerated. in alzheimer’s   diseases homocysteine levels are elevated.   elevated

Homocysteine levels increase the risk of  neurodegenerative diseases. therefore when taking   checked given that it can cause b12 deficiency.   if you’re finding value in this video don’t forget  to like,comment and share and don’t forget to hit   button as well. in the past years there have   been some studies showing

Metformin slows down  cognitive decline on the screen you’ll see two   of those studies and you can see the links in the  description below.a recent australian study just   concluded all the adults receiving metformin have  slower cognitive decline and dementia risk.that’s   don’t you think! this study was, however,  

An observational study. observation studies cannot  prove that one thing causes another only that   that larger more randomized studies in people   with and without diabetes should be performed.  in my opinion we have to be careful drawing   studies and other recent similar studies   as they are not the gold standard of

Studies.  the gold standard of studies are randomized   control studies. what i would conclude that if  your blood sugars are better controlled with diet   your diabetic medications to achieve better   contribute to decreasing cognitive decline   and decrease the chances of dementia. in this way  you’re taking control of

Your health and thinking   your health. did to see what i was doing? and  if you’re interested in when to stop taking   your metformin click on this link above. and if  you’re interested in other videos don’t forget   click right here or click right here. have   why is this happening? one more that  subscription button

As well let me do that again   am not drinking enough water?

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Does Metformin cause dementia? Surprising answer! By Think Your Health