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Dog Yeast Ear Infections: Great OTC Home Remedy

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Tula has a yeast ear infection this is the simplest most inexpensive and effective home remedy hello welcome back to my channel if you’re welcome click there to subscribe hit the bell to sign up for notifications and then when you click the link directly in the box below i can send you copy my free book for the last few days tula has been shaking her head scratching

This year her right ear is really been bugging her right here here it’s red inflamed when you do a swab of the ear this ear canal this is a black debris that’s coming out on the swab of the ear canal and when i go ahead and smell the ear canal it smells a bit sweetish to me it’s like the smell of classic yeast ear infection like that is a yeast ear infection

Anytime you’ve got a dog that has an ear infection you get a swab of the ear and you see this classic black debris coming out of the ear canal 99 of the time that is yeast or malassezia that is causing it dogs seldom getting reminds what is this inexpensive home remedy you may be wondering it’s none other than this chlor trim is all crane this cost me about five

Dollars it’s sold under the brand name canister it’s used for yeast infections in people the thing is this is very effective against yeast this is actually the primary anti-fungal that is in most of the veterinary topical ear medications you know whereas you know this large tube might last me up to a year cost about five dollars an equivalent veterinary one is gonna

Cost you over fifty dollars i also need to give credit to the first person that you know let me know that this was even an option i had a client who’s also a nurse a human nurse at the hospital who had a golden retriever recurring yeast ear infections we were forever prescribing things like automatics etc that included this anti-fungal chlorimazole and she’s like

Well i know it’s yeast we’ve done multiple swabs i’ve just thought of the pharmacy i’ve picked myself up some canister or the over-the-counter canister and even far less expensive she was treating her dogs when the yeast ear infections would flare up and as she said it cost her like a tenth of the price brilliant the other big thing which i like is this is a single

Asian treatment you’re just treating your dog for what they have many of the veterinary medications they also include some type of anti-inflammatory some other kind of antibiotic along with the antifungal they’re sort of like let’s try to treat everything all at once but the problem with that is you’re never really clear of what’s the underlying cause how much do

You give you’re going to give about a quarter of an inch for 20 pounds here’s about a quarter of an inch i squirted it onto the end of my finger so you can see so you’re going to tilt your dog’s ear flap back expose the external ear canal here you’re just going to seat your cream at the base of the ear i can see i’ve spread about a quarter of an inch into that

Ear then i’m going to rub the base the ear really well okay tula you hear it’s making that squishing noise that means we’re working the ear medication the chlor trims all cream down into the ear canal yeah yeah i’ll do that on for 30 seconds or so you know it’s worked its way in ta-dah there we’ve got your first treatment what do you think you can go ahead

And treat your dog twice a day for seven to ten days i often find with a lot of guys after two or three days they respond so many dogs you know five days of treatment was fine and in the ear itching completely soft i know with tula just after one dose like a year that much better if your dog has a yeast ear infection you know kind of smelly itchy scratchy black

Debris i encourage you to try for tremendo and i’d love to hear your feedback let me know if that helps dr jones

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Dog Yeast Ear Infections: Great OTC Home Remedy By Veterinary Secrets