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DON’T DO WHAT I DID!!! (How to heal from 2nd Degree BURNS)

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Today I am sharing my story and my advice on how to heal from 2nd degree burns. Please do not do what I did. Throw your Nutribullet 900 OUT!! This has been an difficult road to recovery, but thankfully my burns were not 3rd degree. Although it has put a stall on recording videos, I am glad to get back to producing content to help Inform, Motivate, and Inspire you to get up, move, and live a healthier life!

What happened yeah frightened scared concerned and just get to the yard immediately everything felt hot so everything everything so hot hey everybody its michelle west here and welcome back to my channel i hope you enjoyed all that drama in the beginning of the video because today’s video is going to be a little bit different i am finally going to talk

To you about what happened to me on june 12 2012 i did not get in a car accident and i did not break anything this video is not only to tell you what happened it’s also to give you the stages on how to deal and also how to heal quickly from second-degree burns so what happened was i was going to make a delicious dinner for my fiance and i i had sweet potatoes

That i needed to puree so i took the sweet potatoes i put them in the oven when i take them out of the oven when they were in there for 45 minutes they were hot i took the sweet potatoes and i put them in the blender actually i’m gonna say i put in the nutribullet okay it wasn’t a regular blender i put it in the nutribullet because that was the only blender that

I had and closed it up blended the sweet potatoes suck it off and you know it’s only on the bottom so when i went to open it it exploded on my face on my chest on my hands everywhere they were everywhere yeah second-degree burns they confirmed the second-degree burns all over so with all that happening i just want to give you my tips and three stages that i

Went through to heal quickly if you ever deal with a burn injury the first thing you want to do if you get burned by anything is get the hot stuff off my initial reaction was to run to the shower put on cold water and get everything off of me immediately the second thing you want to think about is evaluating your burns so if your burns just look red there’s no

Skin falling off then you probably have a first-degree burn if your skin is bubbling and your skin is falling off like mine was you have a second-degree burn you need to go to the er third-degree burns is a little bit different i don’t know what that is about now if you see bone you better be calling 9-1-1 so once i got to the er the doctors evaluated me and they

Gave me two creams they gave me the person what i use for my face and i use silver sulfadiazine and i use that for my body you do not want to put silver sulfadiazine on your face because it’ll darken your face you don’t want to do that those are the two creams that i was given by the doctor and that’s what i started off my healing process page two of my healing

Process is going to the burn specialist to get a second opinion on my burns before i even went they told me that i needed to take my pain medication before i get there not really worried because i was like oh they’re just gonna pop the blister and let it drain no no no no no okay they looked at me they evaluated me it took five seconds and all of a sudden they

Got the scissors and started cutting i think that part was the most painful i think that was even more painful than actually having the burn hot sweet potatoes on my face a lot of people when they get burns they try to do home remedies they put aloe vera oil on you know patent themselves squeezing blisters and pops and now they have an infection and now they’re

Never gonna heal or it’s gonna take longer to heal i advise you go to a burn specialist have them take off all of your crusts all of your wounds after that happens you will probably look like a lobster i got some medical dressings on my wrists and on my chest they did not put it on my face obviously because my whole face would be covered and i’d look like a bum

It couldn’t get wet i could not take a shower i could not go work out i couldn’t run i needed to just sit and relax another cream that they gave me to deal with my face i did not have to use the person anymore i only use bio traces and bio tracing is another advanced medicine that helps with healing and decreases infections also for my lips i was using aqua 4

Which is just an over-the-counter chapstick that you use as a moisturizer so aqua for i haven’t using for my lips and i still use that now one week late l okay once i went back to the burn specialist i got my dressings removed from my chest and my wrist and i was healed pretty healed in a week you can tell when you’re healed if your wounds are not wrong so that

Was still happening to my wrist i still had some pain in my wrist and i was using petroleum jelly aka vaseline for my wounds that were not healed yet another thing the thing about is when your wounds are covered we want to do they take what happens is that the skin is going to grow from the outside in so it’s gonna make the skin tight in that area and you’re

Gonna have less movement or less flexibility in those areas that you actually burn yourself so just moving your wrists and now if you get wrist injury my face i had to make sure i still do it actually to this day make funny faces at the camera i always like this stretch out so i can release the pressure and get the flexibility back that three of healing is

Basically what i’m doing now all of my skin is healed and back in place i was at this point when i was two weeks in i am just using cocoa butter i’m using the aqua four and i have to stay out of this side if you get the sun onto those wounds it’s going to expose and it’s going to ready your skin so you don’t want the skin to be red i want the skin to turn back

To my brown color so i have to stay out of the sun as much as possible okay guys so those are my tips for helping heal a burn injury i hope that this never happens to you but if it does i hope that these tips can help you heal quickly i’m so happy that i’m able to share with you what i’ve learned and i’m also happy to continue making videos so you know that i’m

Doing well i am healthy i am still healing from my injuries as you can see but i am super excited to continue to make content to help you get up move and live a healthier life if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs up also if you want to see more content like this or i hope no more no more burn videos if you want to see more videos from me make

Sure you hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell so you know when i drop a new video thank you guys so much for watching this video and i hope to see you on the next one bye

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DON'T DO WHAT I DID!!! (How to heal from 2nd Degree BURNS) By Michelle West