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DONT USE BICARBONATE BEFORE WATCHING THIS – Contraindications of Sodium Bicarbonate For Health

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Sodium bicarbonate can be harmful if you don´t know how to use ti. Don´t use bicarbonate before watching this video. These are some of the most important contraindications of sodium bicarbonate for your health.

Baking soda is known all over the world for its incredible health benefits it can be used to treat for example acid reflux whiten our teeth disinfect our home and much much more the only problem with using sodium bicarbonate is that few people know that using too much of it can actually be harmful and counterproductive especially if you don’t know how much to use

Or how to use it believe it or not this fabulous home remedy can sometimes be responsible for the appearance of stomach ulcers kidney problems headaches blood pressure and much more so in today’s video i’m gonna reveal six potential dangers of using baking soda the wrong way and how you should take it to stay healthy naturally and effectively hey guys dr gus

Here naturopath acupuncturist conventional doctor and founder of and this channel is a conventional doctor to my patients through natural medicine before returning to the use of pharmaceutical drugs so if you’re new to my channel consider subscribing and press that bell down below to see notifications and be the first one to watch a new video if

You need to align an appointment with quality supplements for your disease visit and stay till the end of this video where i’m going to share exit tips and video links related to this topic baking soda is one of the most common and cheapest home remedies in the world it can actually be used for just about anything at home cleaning the kitchen maybe

Removing stains neutralizing bad smells etc now the true reason why bicarbonate is so famous is simply because it can also be used against a wide variety of health conditions that are very common to the human population like stomach ulcers stomach pain whiten our teeth and even improve kidney health the only problem with it being so popular is that many don’t

Really know when or how much to use so in today’s video i’m gonna reveal six potential dangers of using baking soda the wrong way and how you should take it to stay healthy naturally and effectively number one bicarbonate reduces stomach pain but too much of it can cause ulcers stomach pain is commonly caused by ulcers and acid reflux acid reflux for example

Happens when the stomach is refluxing acid up into the esophagus this can happen if there’s overeating too much stress or the consumption of greasy and spicy foods now you’ll be happy to learn that baking soda can help treat heartburn because it neutralizes stomach acid effectively and it’s very very useful now be careful because too much sodium bicarbonate

Used the wrong way will create a problem in your stomach and make matters worse if you use it too often or too much your stomach will react and over produced more acid than the amount you had in the beginning in the long run this vicious cycle helps you create more acid than you really need and causes other problems like stomach damage maybe gastritis or more

Ulcers than you had in the first place if you need to use sodium bicarbonate you need to use it in small amounts and not every day not frequently if the acid in your stomach neutralizes every single time the stomach will kick in producing more acid to compensate for that change in alkalinity so don’t use bicarbonate for long periods of time and if you use it use

It in small amounts and get some professional help to see what the problem with your acid reflux or your gastritis is if you need something effective for stomach pain and stomach problems and has no contraindications but at the same time is very effective against gastritis ulcers and stomach conditions look for gi balance probillion and the enzymes from phylum at

Dr number two sodium bicarbonate can cause hypernatremia i don’t know if you’ve ever heard about hypernatremia it’s a very common condition it has to be taken seriously hypernatremia is when the body contains too much sodium with respect to water and blood meaning sodium levels are extremely high in circulation people tend to forget and some don’t

Really know that sodium bicarbonate contains sodium meaning salt and obviously the consumption of too much sodium will cause this problem hyper neutrinia and its consequences let’s not forget that too much of any mineral in our blood can cause serious health risks you might see for example if you have this condition excessive thirst fatigue extreme low energy

And possibly confusion this condition by the way is a medical emergency so you need to be very very careful if you’re going to consume sodium bicarbonate it needs to be done in small amounts and preferably once per day no more than that if you need something effective that can help your kidneys get rid of sodium and filter out any toxin or mineral that needs

To be eliminated from circulation look for urea essence and debary from finland at doctor land number three it increases blood pressure if you’ve ever been to the doctor due to high blood pressure you probably know already that one of the most important factors for high blood pressure to exist is salt it’s sodium now sodium bicarbonate just like it name

Implies contains sodium the most dangerous mineral for high blood pressure patients you see sodium is famous for having that ability of keeping water inside our bodies the more sodium you have the more water retention you will suffer and obviously the more pressure you will be having the main problem with retaining water is that one of the most important factors

Of high blood pressure is sodium so you have to be very very careful now the best part is that if you choose to trim down sodium consumption blood pressure will decrease and your heart health will increase so once again be very careful with sodium bicarbonate it may be very useful for other health conditions but not for high blood pressure that’s not one of

Them if you really want to reduce high blood pressure focus on eating plenty of fruit and vegetables on exercising and being low on stress having a good quality sleep resting it during the day on the weekends this is very very important if you need a quality multi-supplement for that has the power to reduce blood pressure and at the same time keep your heart

Healthy and strong look for heart excel and on cardio from finally in a dr landabarakam number four baking soda can damage your teeth believe it or not baking soda is a very popular home remedy you can use to whiten your teeth if you pay close attention you will see that toothpaste products are using sodium bicarbonate to add it to the formulas because it really

Whitens teeth and it really removes plaque the entire tooth care industry knows that sodium bicarbonate is a powerful tool that for this purpose and they can use it many studies have found that toothpastes that contain baking soda are better actually whitening removing agents than any other product they can use because bicarbonate is also an antibacterial and an

Antimicrobial agent that fights these bacteria responsible for cavities that many people suffer from now you have to be careful because baking soda if used inappropriately or used too much can actually ruin your enamel of your teeth don’t forget that sodium bicarbonate is extremely alkaline and very powerful that can erode our teeth and actually be damaging for

Them you have to be careful and you have to use it very lightly if you’re gonna use it be careful not to use too much or make it too strong number five bicarbonate can damage your skin if you use it too much baking soda is very powerful on the skin and that can actually be a very good face exfoliator this substance is also used in beauty and especially because

It has power to remove dry skin and make sure that the skin remains very clean this can be done for example by combining a teaspoon of baking soda with half a cup of water and rubbing it on your face in a circular motion and rinsing it off afterwards bicarbonate is commonly used as a face exfoliator and can be inexpensive to soothe our skin now if you’re going

To use it make sure you do it wisely do not overdo it because it can actually cause a problem on your skin and cause an upset to that ph balance this substance is a very powerful alkaline agent and overdoing it obviously will cause your skin to damage on that natural probiotic flour it has that leads to skin dryness and irritation remember that if you’re going

To use it you have to do it properly you have to do it wisely and never overdo a natural home remedy that you think may be healthy that later on causes a health issue and how about the channel by giving this video a thumbs up and sharing with your friends and family and if you have any questions leave your comments down below and i’ll be happy to assist you if

You need quality supplements for your disease or rely on an appointment visit dr and check out this little topic you find that information that might prevent a serious explanation in the future thanks for watching you guys and i’ll see you soon

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DON´T USE BICARBONATE BEFORE WATCHING THIS – Contraindications of Sodium Bicarbonate For Health By Dr. Gus