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DOPAMINE & TIME! + Fructose Hepatoprotective? + Gut Hormones + Berberine + Donepezil… || BioNews 3

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Today’s papers:

Good morning friends welcome to bionews i have eight papers to report to you today uh to begin a paper by zeng at all and by the way you’ll notice that in general there are a tremendous amount of academic papers being released by by chinese researchers really incredible there used to be a time when american researchers used to produce the majority of research

In fact it was still the case when i was an undergrad but it seems not to be the case anymore anyway zengetal produced a study on berberine um it seems to be a rodent model berberine was shown to increase the activity of what’s called the uh sirtuin d acetylase one also called cert one um this is a histone diacitylase that was made famous by david sinclair

The longevity researcher and um profound academic at harvard anyway berberine was shown to increase assert one expression and in turn increasing the expression of a new transcription factor a newly discovered transcription factor called transcription factor e eb um a paper by a south indian name that seems tamil that i don’t think i can pronounce but i will

Try siva subra maniam seva subramanyam anyway in this paper it was a genetically modified mouse model what they showed was that reducing igf-1 in the liver of female mice but not male mice improved or lessened the rate of atherosclerotic development now that’s very interesting because there’s also polymorphisms that are known in humans to extend the life

Of females when they reduce igf-1 but not males which doesn’t really make that much sense to me and unfortunately i’m one of those people that carry that the igf-1 polymorphism and i’m a man and my wife doesn’t carry it she has the full igf-1 receptor functioning gene of that snp and she could benefit from it and in this case it’s thought to be because the

Reduction in igf in igf-1 and the in the female rodents livers reduces the expression of inflam pro-inflammatory cytokines like interleukin-6 which is also called il6 a paper by fung at all really interesting can’t wait to read it never even heard about this topic before apparently striatal dopamine dopamine in the brain in a particular place of the brain is

Very much associated with not just reward the sensation of reward and habituation and addiction and all of that stuff but also the perception of time which i really find shocking because okay let me tell you guys a little personal story so my wife um is extremely good at remembering where she was geographically she’s very good at finding her way out of places

Often something weird surprisingly that men are good at i on the other hand can’t figure my way out of a maze for the life of me but i can record time as if i have a watch on me like i know if four minutes go by or if 10 minutes go by i can almost always tell the time of the day and it’s not because of the sun i like have a record in the back of my mind now

People have always been surprised by this with me so i was surprised to find out that’s associated with dopamine maybe because i have naturally low dopamine levels so my brain is always sensing so it knows exactly what’s going on who knows i’m making a joke but anyway uh papa margaritas at all this is a review paper now i usually won’t cover review papers

With you guys what is a review paper it’s what’s called an academia a descriptive paper who writes descriptive papers people who can’t discover things they go summarize things like myself i don’t work in a lab i can’t discover things so if you go to my blog well sometimes you’ll see notes with just citations but you’ll see sometimes i write articles and these

Articles could be published like the urethra one could be published in academic journal but it provides no new information and just summarize all the stuff well there’s one of those papers i usually won’t cover those for you but this one’s really interesting so this paper is about bariatric surgery what does that mean that’s the kind of surgery you see in uh

600 pound life when they cut people’s stomachs they either put a sheath on it or they cut a piece of it out in those surgeries it turns out that what are called gut hormones and gut peptides the expression of those peptides changes after bariatric surgery in a way that not only should reduce hunger and improve weight loss but also when it doesn’t change that

Much that’s more common with people who don’t have successful bariatric surgery weight loss so the gut hormones in particular we’re talking about ghrelin it decreases ghrelin it increases the expression of glp1 which is something that vigorous steve was talking about he was using a glp-1 agonist to attenuate his hunger and it increases the expression of a peptide

Called pyy which promotes satiety also like glp1 interesting paper a paper by saw at all and this is very relevant to me i’m currently speaking to you right now on 20 milligrams of donation dona donaposil is an acetyl cholesterol inhibitor that goes way beyond ginkgo biloba and all that other kind of stuff it is given to people with alzheimer’s disease to limit

Their memory dysfunction i have had a severely bad memory from childhood almost disturbingly bad like my friends always throughout childhood would get shocked i don’t remember anything so it’s actually been shown there’s not an alzheimer’s disease but there is some evidence to think that acetylcholostates inhibitors can actually prevent the degradation of the

Hippocampus and of memory centers in the brain so i take it quite seriously i take 20 milligrams a day which is the max dose this paper shows that people taking donaposel in china have three times the likelihood of qt interval prolongation which is something that affects your heart rhythm this is a problem for me because i’m also on an ssri which i just got

Back on a couple of months ago stars and kicked in unfortunately which is why you guys can notice i’m a little more hostile and aggressive than i used to be um of course serotonin increasing serotonin levels in the body directly reduce aggression in all people that’s just the case of in all in all mammals in fact just not in invertebrates in vertebrates it

Does the opposite which is one of the mistakes in uh jordan peterson’s book actually jordan peterson unfortunately describes lobsters having higher serotonin levels as being more aggressive and then implies that’s the case for humans also but he doesn’t know that he’s just a mistake but he didn’t know that mammals do that have the opposite effect um anyway

Another paper not not to say anything bad about jordan peterson i love i love the guy collagen at all so they have a paper on um a hue they did it both human and mouse models of heart of what’s called heart failure with preserved ejection fraction which is basically what not not big lenny has big lenny does not have this they showed that ampagliflozin reduced

Inflammatory cytokine expression including including tumor necrosis factor alpha and i think island sexy il-6 and reduced oxidative stress in both the cardiomyocyte cytosols as well as in the mitochondria of the heart so apparently impagla flows and again the anti-diabetic drug that i’m on myself a relative of which for adoption a lot of us are getting on

This drug now it does reduce oxidative stress in the body also likely by its modulation of of glucose in the body of course zhang at all had a paper which i i really wanted to talk to you guys about because i wanted to give it as an example for some of those people that i know i know there’s a little bit of a different issue with the fructose versus glucose

Example but i just want to show you guys how papers can be taken out of context so there’s a paper by zanger all again now this is zang not zinc so another chinese group but in this one this show that so this is what they do they give a rodents a high fructose uh meal both after and before they tried both both worked uh tylenol or acetaminophen poisoning

I think tylenol’s acetaminophen whatever it is acetaminophen poisoning that this is the most common cause of liver uh failure in the world so they poison the mice but they give them fructose and when they give them fructose the mice are protected from the poisoning somewhat and how are they protected by a modulation of the fructose on an axis in the liver

Called the uh carbohydrate response binding protein okay that’s one the carbohydrate response binding protein alpha that’s one part and the fibro blast growth factor 21 that access so they’re also called c-h-r-e-b-p and uh fgf21 the interesting thing is this c-h-r-e-b-p is a binding protein that is up regulated the most in carbohydrate heavy diets and then

Down regulated in ketogenic diets and almost absent in starvation the fibroblast growth factor is the opposite it turns on in starvation and it also extends lives in rodents so what happens here is basically that the carbohydrate effect because the by the way the carbohydrate response binding element alpha was discovered mainly because of fructose because there

Are some digestion mechanisms of of sugars in the body that don’t involve insulin and this is one of the ones discovered i think in 2001 it was discovered actually when that’s involved what happens is that igf-1 upregulates in the liver and growth factors in general as we’ll come to know in this series and i want you guys to always know this growth factors in

The body not only grow new cells and cause hyperplasia which means cell division but they also cause like normal old cells and even damaged cells to resist uh cell death from for example inflammatory cytokines like your immune system attacking them and so on so if you have upregulated brain growth factors you not just grow new new brain cells but you don’t

Lose brain cells as quickly which is again how like for example you can be protected from methamphetamine with something that increases mtor in the brain in this case you can be protected from acetaminophen poisoning by increasing growth factors in the liver temporarily by fruit with you the use of fructose but as compared to no fructose not as compared to

Glucose right so that’s how you can be tricked by studies i just wanted to show you guys that it’s not that fructose is good it’s that you’re developing growth factors in your liver you could get those so many other ways you don’t need fructose um i mean anyway so the next paper is sorry guys i get i don’t know if i should talk a lot on these i’m just getting

Used to the series so i don’t know if they’re going to be long or short hopefully they’ll be short i’m sorry for being long-winded the next paper is by ariente at all in this paper they showed that in vitro what does in vitro mean it means in a petri dish not in their real life example they took what are called human glioblastoma cells which are uh kind of

Brain cancer cell and they put them in basically a hyperbaric oxygen environment and those cells became sensitized not only to radiotherapy but they themselves um down regulated for example hypoxia inducible factor alpha expression which would grow the cells and um and inhibits cell proliferation as well so you guys may have heard of hyperbaric oxygen chambers

I talked about that with dave actually it’s not the case that hyperbaric oxygen chambers kill all cancer cells it’s quite the opposite there are some cancers that will grow rapidly in that environment um the issue there being of course oxidative stress oxidative stress from the oxygen can kill some cells but it can cause the body to react a different way cancers

Are not all created equal and that’s why i know nothing about cancer although i’m hoping to read more about it i just wrote an excellent book maybe i’ll show you guys on the next bio news have a great day brothers we’ll see you soon you

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DOPAMINE & TIME! + Fructose Hepatoprotective? + Gut Hormones + Berberine + Donepezil… || BioNews 3 By Leo and Longevity